Student Furniture Rental: Storage Solutions

student furniture rentalCORT Furniture can cover all student furniture rental needs, but when it comes to finding a place to fit all of your stuff into your new living arrangement, you may have discovered your first challenge! CORT Facebook friend, Krista Weaver, says that “storage, storage, storage!” is the key to organization, and we definitely agree. Especially when you are living in close quarters with roommates. Do not fret though, making room for storage in your apartment or dorm is really more simple than you think! And it does not have to be expensive either. Here are a few storage tips we like. These tips also can be useful for  home staging projects that aim to de-clutter showroom spaces.


Make the most of wall space. When you are faced with limited space, the wall becomes your storage friend! Bookshelves and other shelving units make great use of space and can keep everything from records, office supplies, and all of your school books in order. For shelving ideas, we really like this post from the apartment living blog at It explains several ways you can make bookshelves into a functional and attractive place for small objects and collections in small living spaces.


Utilize all hidden and unused spaces. Is your bed elevated? If you have room underneath, invest in a long and narrow plastic storage box (or two if they can fit) for your dress shoes, hand bags, or bulky winter wear. It will keep everything in one place that can be easily accessed. If you have extra space on top of your refrigerator, you can use a lazy susan to stack spices and cooking oils together so that you have more room in kitchen cabinets for food and cooking supplies.


Don’t forget about hanging space. Small closets can be made infinitely more functional with the use of hanging storage space. There are over-the-door and rack storage options for belts, scarves, shoes, sweaters, jewelry, and more that your can find at second hand stores or at big box saving centers. Hanging space can inspire many creative ideas. We really like this simple plan for a hanging herb garden using an over-the-door shoe hanger. The possibilities are endless!


Do you have more ideas to share with us? Find us on Facebook or Twitter, and we will share your ideas with the rest of the CORT community. Next week, on the furniture blog, we will be discussing ways to organize everyday household items in your college living quarters so that they are easily accessible and easy to keep neat and tidy. See you next time!