Creating an Organized Study Space to Make the Grade

If your workspace is filled with last semester’s books, stacks of old papers or unused office supplies, you may be in need for a session on office organization! The beginning of a new semester brings the opportunity to create a refreshed, organized study space for future all-nighters or homework assignments. By following these four simple steps, you’ll be on your way to your perfect study space!

Step 1: Clean Out Clutter

Are you constantly grabbing pens that are out of ink, trying to use highlighters that just won’t highlight or shuffling between stacks of papers and books? All of this clutter takes up valuable space and distracts you while you work so getting rid of your old or unused items is a simple way to refresh your space. Before you say, “I may need this!” take a moment to sort through your items. If you have not used something in the past semester, get rid of it. You may even earn some extra cash from selling back those old textbooks!

Step 2: Select Proper Furniture

No, your bed is not a desk. Not only is it best to keep your workspace and your sleeping area separate, but studying in your bed will often lead to more snoozing than learning. Do your grades a favor and invest in a desk and comfortable chair. If you are worried about paying for furniture, consider student furniture rental for stylish yet economical furnishing options. You’ll be the envy of your roommates and friends!

Step 3: Develop an Organization System

Everyone has their preferred method for keeping their tasks and to-do list in order, but there are a few helpful ways to get started. First, make use of a planner. Whether this be on your phone, computer or on paper, it is helpful to see when things are due to keep tabs on assignments and tests. Organizing your classes by binders or folders can also help you keep your papers organized and make sure everything is in its place.

Step 4: Rethink Your Storage

After you have gone through your clutter and cleaned out unwanted items, there may be some things that you need but do not use enough to keep them on your desk. If this is the case, a storage system will work wonders. If you’re like most college students, you live a life of transition. You’re in a dorm one year and an apartment the next, which can make large storage items difficult to move. Instead, opt for collapsible storage that is easy to transport and will help you keep your study space organized.

Having an organized study space is a must when it comes to completing assignments or studying for an exam. Instead of drowning your workspace in unused items or clutter, follow these easy steps to rework your office.