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student furniture rentalIn the coming months, students across the country will be buying supplies and books, making arrangements for their apartment and student furniture rental, and heading back to school for the fall semester. In recent blogs, we have addressed a series of issues related to this seasonal student migration.

student furniture rentalAs summer comes to a close, parents and students alike are beginning to look ahead at the coming school year. While no one wants the relaxed pace and endless fun of summer to end, a little preparation, like looking into student furniture rental, can go a long way toward a successful transition. Here are a few tips for getting back into school mode that we hope will make the process a little easier.

student furniture rentalMoving can be stressful, especially for students. Conflicts with new roommates over student furniture rental, house rules, and more are not uncommon. In the past, students had to rely fully on their college to match them with a roommate. These days, many students are taking the process into their own hands, using Internet services such as easyroommate.com or roomsurf.com to find their own roommate.

student furniture rentalCould you use $250? How about a furniture rental package for the fall and spring semesters? Then just…RANT!

Simply share your crazy college move-out stories with CORT U for your chance to win!

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furniture rentalBy now you’re familiar with all the ways CORT Furniture Rental can help with furniture rental across the U.S.  But did you know that CORT is also in the U.K.?  Roomservice by CORT is a furniture rental service that handles relocation, property marketing, and furniture rental for tenants. 

furniture rentalInterior design inspiration can come from anywhere.  Your favorite painting, an animal print, even the foods you eat can spark an idea that changes your entire interior.  This week we’re focusing on artwork, and exploring how CORT Furniture Rental artwork can inspire a whole room. 

home furniture rentalSo you’ve chosen to go for black décor.  You’ve decided to paint your walls that shade of Black Cracked Pepper and are ready to look into home furniture rental or remodeling or whatever you please.  But now what?

home stagingWith springtime comes spring cleaning and home staging in preparation for the upcoming home selling season.  If you are wondering how to market a property with the latest home staging trends, we have some answers for you.  Last week we brought you advice from the pros on tips for designing around dark walls

rent furnitureIf your backyard is looking a little dull this spring, consider sprucing it up!  You can rent furniture for your backyard or patio.  What better season to spend some time outside?  Take advantage of the weather and entertain guests outdoors, or simply relax outside with a good book. 

home stagingWhether you are home staging, painting a new apartment, or giving your house a makeover, color schemes can present a problem when giving your home a spruce.  You want your space to have enough variety that it is interesting, but you don’t want it to look like you used every color in the Crayola box. 

rental furnitureThink using patterns in your décor is risk?  Think again!  Patterned furniture and décor should not be left to professional designers alone.  You can find plenty of furnishings and furniture rental pieces that sport great patterns and incorporate them into your home.  Follow these easy guidelines to get started using patterns and prints in your furniture and furniture rental and spice up your home’s look.

home stagingThe home staging process can be tricky, especially if you are undertaking it on your own.  You want your home to look put-together, but not overdone.  You also want it to have style, but not so much personality that it becomes unattractive to some buyers. 

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