Top 6 Reasons Not to Get a Storage Unit

Whether planning a big move or running out of space in your home, it can be tempting to call on local storage services and get your stuff out of sight and out of mind. But with the cost to rent storage spaces increasing daily, renting a storage unit gets harder and harder to justify. Before you start shopping around for local storage facilities, think about these serious drawbacks and pause to consider alternatives. 


How Much Is a Storage Unit? 6 Reasons It’s Not Worth It


1. It’s not likely you’ll ever actually use the things you’re storing. 


Let’s be honest: if you don’t have space for your furniture and other items now, will you ever have space for them? Sometimes a rented unit can be a short-term storage solution while you’re moving or in a very temporary situation. But in the long term? They’re a waste of money. Donate, sell, or give away those things you don’t have space for, and lighten your load before you move or store anything.


2. It makes things complicated for future moves.


Next time you move, you’ll have to devise a plan to move everything in your home… plus all the stuff in your storage unit. Not only does that increase the moving costs, but it also complicates moving logistics. And suppose you move far away without taking your stored stuff. You’ll have to make the return trip at some point to retrieve it or hire professional movers to deliver it to your new city—both of which only add even more headache to an already stressful time.


3. Costs of storage units are continuously increasing.


How much is a storage unit? According to Forbes, the average price of a storage unit in 2023 is between $75 and $300 per month. Depending on the sizes and types of storage units you want, whether or not you need climate control, and the location of your preferred storage facilities, you could be paying even more than that. There are typically hidden fees for storage units, and most storage businesses require you to take out a specific insurance policy on your stuff. In many cases, storage units cost more the longer you use them because storage businesses increase rent costs periodically, too.


4. You’re not getting a return on your money spent.


Are storage units a good investment? In most cases, no. Even if you rent the smallest possible storage unit, you’ll be paying significant rent money (plus any future rent hikes) for that extra space—and you’re not likely to get any return on that money. Let’s say you rent a small unit for $75 a month. Even without fees, taxes, and insurance, that’s $900 annually. Is that $900 storage unit truly increasing your enjoyment of life, or could you spend $900 on a vacation or something else? You’re better off donating or selling your furniture and keeping more money in your pocket. 


5. Storage units can feel overwhelming emotionally.


We get it: moving can be daunting. And sometimes, you just want to get your extra stuff out of the way. But here’s the thing: that stuff always stays there (unless you leave it for years and the storage company sells it all). It’s always there, and you might be surprised at how much your storage unit could weigh on your mind. 


6. You’re losing the opportunity to make money on your stuff.


Are storage units a waste of money? In most cases, the answer is yes—and they’re wasting money in more ways than one. Not only are you paying to rent a storage unit, but you’re also losing money on items you’re storing that could’ve been sold. That extra $300 value you could’ve gotten for your couch? Forget it. Your sofa is collecting dust in your storage unit—all while the cash for it could’ve been collecting interest in your bank account.


How Much Does It Cost to Store Furniture vs. Renting New Furniture for a Move


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