Small Living Room Design Tips

A small living room space can be a difficult interior to design. Irregular dimensions, low ceilings, or little natural light are all challenges that even the most experienced interior designers struggle with from project to project. Furniture rental is not only a cost effective solution to your design needs, but also gives you plenty of choices in how to work with your living room.

Here are some tips on how to incorporate furniture rental into your living room in order to utilize your space as effectively as possible.

Store Underneath

The number one rule to planning and organizing a small space is to keep surfaces clear of clutter. In your living room look for spaces under couches, tables, and chairs for storage. Purchase a few flat storage bins to hide your blankets, knick-knacks, books, DVD’s, and anything else you need but don’t want taking up a lot of space. Can’t fit those storage boxes underneath? Invest in some boxes and baskets that match your décor so you can store your belongings neatly in plain sight.

Utilize Your Vertical Space

Don’t let your walls go to waste. Not only are they great for displaying artwork and decor, but installing shelving units to keep your favorite photos and curios is a great way to personalize your living room and open the space. Large mirrors hung from or leaned against a wall can also make a space appear more open and brighter. With CORT furniture rental, you can choose from a wide variety of paintings and decor. Not only can you get the art pieces and bookshelves that are perfect for your living room, but renting them allows you to mix things up without the expense and commitment of buying new pieces.

Choose a Scale and Keep to It

Before investing in furniture rental, make sure all of the furniture will fit your living room appropriately. First, before you decide, measure your living room and the furniture you intend to move into the space. There’s nothing worse than getting the perfect new furniture set and realizing it completely swallows the space. Second, make sure all of the furniture pieces are scaled to one another, so the room looks balanced. Making sure your furniture rental fits in your space is the most important part of decorating a cozy living room.

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