Home Staging Tips for the Exterior

home stagingHome staging for the exterior of a home is, of course, all about curb appeal. You want potential buyers to stop and come in, and making the exterior of the house pleasant and engaging will draw more people to do just that.

Start at the Curb

One way to start home staging is by literally stand at the curb and pretending you are a buyer. Make a list of anything that appears distracting or less than appealing. Your list will likely include things like edging the lawn, trimming trees, raking, pruning bushes, minor repairs and cleaning exterior surfaces. Notice everything from the condition of the mail box and house number to anthills and bare patches of grass. Plan to handle these items first. Unless you have done it recently, pressure washing the exterior is a home staging must. This brings a fresh, clean look to the house and prepares surfaces for a new layer of paint. Have windows professionally cleaned and paint doors and trim if necessary.

Move to the Sides and Back of the House

Repeat the same process on the back and sides of the house. Remove any old play equipment or unused fixtures or features such as an old basketball hoop or disconnected exterior outlet. Home staging begins with handling everything that is unappealing first. Replace dislodged patio stones, and add decorative borders to gardens and flower beds. You may want to add wood chips or gravel to the base of beds as well which creates a much cleaner look.

Add Some Style

Now that you have cleaned up the overall look of the exterior, it’s time to add some style to your home staging. If possible, place some exterior seating in the front of the house. A wooden bench with a small table creates an inviting tone. Color catches the eye, so place lush, brightly colored welcome mats at every door, as well as some bright potted plants or flowers. The same principle is true for the backyard as well. Arranging furniture rental or buying clearance furniture can help provide adequate seating. Lighting is also essential for effective home staging. Be sure that your porch is well lit, and add lighting fixtures to walkways and featured elements.

These home staging tips should give you a great start to staging the exterior of your home. Bring your style and creativity to this home staging process, but at the same time try to be consistent in style and also match the overall look and feel of the neighborhood. With these simple changes and some creative home staging, your home can take on that coveted “curb appeal.” For more ideas about home staging, visit us on Pinterest.