Home Staging Photography Tips

home stagingBuilding a great home staging portfolio goes beyond great room design. The right photograph of a beautiful room can make all the difference in selling a home and in selling yourself as a home staging expert.

First, remember that the person looking at your portfolio is looking for staging that will sell. While fades, color washes and unusual angles may add to an artistic portfolio, a home staging portfolio needs to feature the simplicity, accessibility and potential of a space. Great home staging allows the buyer to envision themselves living in the home. Simple clean lines, neutral tones and engaging, well placed accents (in moderation) will allow this to happen. Over-styling, too much color and over-customization, on the other hand, is likely to turn a buyer off. Home staging photos should accentuate the simplicity of the room and its design. Here are some tips on how to achieve that winning home staging photo.

  1. Prepare well before taking your photo. Be sure that there is nothing that could clutter the visual field. While visual clutter certainly includes things like papers or extra accessories, it can also include a half-open blind or a large brown spot on a banana. In other words, make sure that everything in the photograph was intended to be there and serves a purpose. Of course, home furniture rental pieces should be well-coordinated and match the style of the home.
  2. When taking before and after shots, be sure that the conditions of the photo are identical. Take the photos at the same time of day and at the same angle. Eliminating all other inconsistencies allows the before and after photo to more clearly show the difference your home staging techniques have made. Choose an angle that will look great for the after shot. You may even want to take before photos from several angles so that you have more angles to choose from later.
  3. When taking the photo, keep photos straight and positioned to show the best view of the room and feature the home staging. Avoid using any fancy lenses or digital alterations, as they tend to be distracting. There is, however, one exception–the wide angle lens. Using a wide angle lens can make a small room look larger, as well as include more of the room’s features. You may also need to move furniture rental pieces to look better in the photo.


Home staging photographs, when done well, can sell a home and bring you clients. Whether you are building your home staging business, taking photos for advertising purposes, or simply trying to sell your own home, taking a great photograph can capture the beauty of a space and the imagination of a buyer or client.