Think Outside the (Simple) Box with Geometric Design

Designers and decorators have embraced geometric patterns for centuries. All it takes is a look back at the architecture of the Ancient Greeks and Moroccans to see the bold use of patterns, and although the use of patterns has evolved over the years, the trend itself remains strong.

Over time, designers have sought to find new and innovative ways to incorporate geometrics, and today that means going beyond basic shapes to find ways to mix, match, and intertwine those designs. If you’re looking for ways to marry the different elements of geometric designs, you won’t be short on options. Start with these ideas for making this timeless but trendy look part of your home’s design.

Start with the Floor

Great design is possible everywhere in the home, and floors offer one of the best takes on the geometric trend. From parquet wood floors featuring chevron or herringbone designs to black-and-white checkerboard tile, flooring provides the perfect starting point for geometrics. You could even dress up a plain floor with a geometric-themed rug to add trendy flair in an instant.

Work Those Walls

Walls are another unexpected and often overlooked space for bringing the geometric trend home. The right wall art is a way to incorporate this trend without making permanent changes to your space. Geometric paintings can help add a modern touch to the room, or consider the hot current trend of using wall decals to dress up your walls for an instant update.

Whether you want those designs to be big and bold or soft and subdued, there are options that fit your style to help you add more personality to the space.

Find the Right Furniture

Geometric design has long inspired furniture trends, and today’s twist on it means more interesting, asymmetrical designs for everything from the hallway to the living room and the bedroom. Angular shapes help complete geometric themes, and angular end tables or other accent furniture can add just the right touch of geometric style to an existing space.

Get the Right Accessories

Other touches throughout your home can incorporate the geometric design theme in a way that feels natural without becoming overpowering. Accessories are also a great starting point if you just want to dabble in this design style without going all in. Because geometrics are bold and powerful by nature, you can make a big statement with just a small presence.

In the living room, use throw pillows to add a pop of geometric style to an otherwise subdued couch or chair. Room-dividing screens are a way to create a design focal point in an otherwise boring room, and you could add geometrics to your dining room with the addition of patterned chair cushions.

The bedroom is your sanctuary and a place of rest, but you can still add a bit of geometric excitement with bedding and curtains. Look for a pattern with colors that complement your existing color scheme and work with it, rather than stealing the show.

One of the benefits of embracing geometric design is that it never really goes out of style, and it’s a great way to add a playful, modern touch to any room in the house. With CORT Furniture Rental, you can try different looks for different rooms to see which one works best for you.