Home Staging: How To Beat Perfectionism

home stagingAre you running out of time for your home staging project? There is so much to do and so little time! And most of all, everything has to be perfect. You may have been told before that there is a fine line between perfectionism and procrastination. It is easy to get overwhelmed by a large project with limited time. If you are paralyzed with thought, take a breath and read on. Hope comes in the form of a little organization.


Make a list of every home staging detail that needs to get done before the first showing of the house. Take time to write absolutely everything down. Then, number tasks by varying levels of importance. Label high priority things as 1, and luxuries and details as 3. Create a sliding scale of priority and then approximate how long it will take to do each task. Finally, compare it to the number of hours or days that you have, and set your crunch time schedule! Eliminate tasks that are low priority as you lose time. Don’t do away with low priority tasks altogether. Keep hustling through your to-do list so that you can get to the lower priority stuff when you have time.


When the going gets tough, take a step back and look at your home staging goals. Leave the room. When you walk back in, take in everything at a glance. Work hard to make a good impression but do not get bogged down in pillow stitching or the right color of arranged books. As a perfectionist, we know that details and refinement matters to you, which is why it is so hard not to stress! Details do matter when it comes to home staging, and so does adding your decorative flair.  However, you must let go when you have to, otherwise you are going to just lose more time by worrying.


Stick to the list and you will be surprised at how much gets done. Start with the small stuff and do it! Cross out finished items in red ink. It’s really satisfying to visualize completed tasks. Don’t worry about the order of things if you do not have to. Starting in the middle is ok sometimes, if it will help get the ball rolling. Before you know it, your home staging project will be done!


At CORT Furniture, we would like to help make your home staging project perfect and easy. We offer a wide selection of home furniture rental packages and accessories for every room. We will even move everything in and everything out for you! Now that is some stress relief and saved time.