How to Create an Accommodating Guest Room

Creating an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere for guests and potential buyers through home staging and rental furniture selection is a great way to increase the comfort and perceived value of your home. When you’re dreaming up the perfectly arranged home, it’s a natural step to also plan for guest overnight stays. The guest room is a reflection of your hospitality. A well planned arrangement that makes one feel welcome and comfortable is a kindness that does not go unnoticed.

This week on a twitter chat based on interior design themes, categorized by the #intdesignerchat hashtag, the topic was focused on guest room accommodations. The conversation stirred a lot creative ideas among furniture blog writers, interior designers, architects, and home stagers. Some great tips were brought to the table. Leslie Fine, of Leslie Fine Interiors, stressed the importance of “know[ing] in advance the schedule of their visit so that all expectations are met”. When the topic of essential amenities was raised, bed comfort was number one. There was a discussion at length about what extra amenities should be provided for guests. Among the “must haves” for ultimate comfort, “a chair, a luggage rack, and a reading light” were some extra special touches Sam Henderson, the creative director of Today’s Nest, contributed to the discussion. Other thoughtful amenities can include a night stand in close proximity to an electrical outlet, wireless internet, an alarm clock, and local coffee or tea from the farmer’s market.

It is important to be aware of any special needs your guest may have. Allergies are a big factor to consider. “If you have animals, make your guest room the one room in the house that is off limits.” says Brandon Smith of the spatial design firm, Your guests may be sensitive to some soap, detergents, and even feather or synthetic bedding. Be sure to ask about any allergies before you prepare for their arrival. If you are planning to provide breakfast or dinner for your guest, make sure to be aware of dietary needs in advance. It is always an awkward moment when a vegetarian has to turn down a home cooked stew or meatloaf.

Be helpful, be accommodating, but most of all have fun! It is a treat when guests stay over, and it is fun to prepare for their arrival. Maintain a clutter free, calm space for your guests, and you are well on your way to having a crowd pleasing room. Refer to our past furniture blog posts for even more tips for arranging an aesthetically pleasing space. Are you currently in a bind? Having guests over in a couple weeks but do not want to merely offer an air mattress in your basement? Let CORT furniture rental services help! We are pros at furnishing unique rooms and we will do all the moving work for you. Happy hosting!