6 Ways to Maintain Personal Wellness in a Hybrid Work Model

Today’s work environment is much different than it was 18 months ago. Whether the changes imparted by COVID led you to downsize, move back home and live with your parents, or spend time on home renovations, the hybrid work culture is here to stay. While not having to go to the office is a breath of fresh air, acclimating to a more permanent hybrid work lifestyle takes some getting used to.

Between balancing your wardrobe for office and at-home leisure, and living in a comfortable environment that promotes productivity and taking care of yourself, these are just a few of the hurdles you will continue to face in today’s work environment.

Read along as we jump into a few ways you can maintain your personal wellness in a hybrid work model!

1. Maintain personal hygiene

Brushing your teeth, combing your hair, bathing regularly—all the good things you’ve been doing since your parents taught you how to get ready for school. Chances are you have a pretty good understanding of maintaining personal hygiene, but a reminder is always helpful.

There are numerous benefits to maintaining good personal hygiene, including your physical, mental, and emotional health. In a hybrid work environment where some days are more casual than other formal days, you may find yourself slipping from your day-to-day routine and getting complacent in your hygiene. While you may not have to go in and see anyone on a specific day, staying on top of your hygiene will only help you in the long run.

2. Dress for the occasion

Many office places were adopting a more casual dress code prior to shutdown, and the Zoom meeting culture and working from home has only accelerated that trend. More and more people want to be comfortable while they work, which has led to an increase in demand for both athleisure (with a global market value expected to hit $257 billion in 2026) and workleisure clothing categories. Simply put, people want a comfy, hybrid wardrobe that allows them to look good and feel good and break the traditional barriers of stuffy office clothes.

On one occasion, athleisure was summed up as the “flexibility of athleisure, mix it with the indulgence of a fine pajama, and serve it with a utilitarian twist.” Dozens of brands specialize in these categories, and an increasing amount of sports or more formal brands are shifting to capitalize on the trend. The best part of this for you and your hybrid work lifestyle? Athleisure and workleisure can fulfill both your in and out office needs, leaving you needing to only shop for one wardrobe rather than two.

3. Take time for yourself

For many people, working from home is a nice break from the daily commute or an opportunity to spend more time with family and younger kids. The flip side of that, however, is burnout. Avoiding burnout and pinpointing where it might begin to creep into your life is key to keeping it out, and being able to concentrate on your tasks at hand, and staying productive. Taking breaks from work, creating a schedule, and working out are just a few ways to focus on your mental health while working in a hybrid model.

Additionally, the compound stress of the past year and a half has undoubtedly impacted many people. At some point, it may all feel like too much, especially if you are living alone without someone to go to as an outlet. Whatever the case is, seeking confidential and personalized online therapy can help improve your mental wellness and steer you in the right mental mindset.

4. Find a “third” place you love 

Third places can be defined as places people spend their time between home (first place) and work (second place). These spots tend to be places you feel comfortable and open to socializing. This may be a favorite restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore, or local park. “Third” places, aside from being outlets to your normal day-to-day, are also important places socially in culture to feel attached to a place and the people around you.

In a hybrid work model, these places take on another level of importance. With the blend of the traditional “first” and “second” places of home and work, “third” places are that much more of an outlet. These places can be great areas for you to break out of your normal confines, relax, socialize, or work on a passion or hobby of yours in your own time!

5. Hang with coworkers 

Whether it’s a favorite third place, hosting a happy hour, or going out for food near the office like you used to, getting back to socializing with coworkers can be a welcome return to normalcy. No longer are you bogged down to strictly seeing people via Zoom or talking from a distance away. Of course, you should follow your area’s health requirements and continue respecting individuals’ personal preferences, but now is the time to get back out and socialize. Mingling with coworkers and socializing goes a long way in building camaraderie and feeling connected to something bigger than yourself, as well as staving off feelings of loneliness.


6. Create a Comfortable Work Environment

Over the last year of working from home, you’ve probably seen that how you set up your office space in your house is an important matter. Ideally, your home workspace feels separate from the other parts of the house and allows you to concentrate on work, hopefully relatively free from distraction. Even if your home or apartment isn’t set up to where you have a designated room as your home office, taking the time find comfortable furniture and claim a spot as your permanent workspace is vital to your productivity and efficiency.

These new times are an opportunity to break social boundaries and adapt to a flexible work/life balance that fits your lifestyle. Focusing on and maintaining your personal wellness throughout is a building block of success for everything you want to accomplish.

From your hygiene, mental health, and social wellness, dozens of factors go into enjoying your life while working on a hybrid basis. Whatever you do, CORT Furniture Rental can help. We can provide you with home office furniture for a professional home office, including desks, office lighting, and additional furniture pieces to complete your space.