3 Tips When Shopping for Your First Home

Home buying can be an exciting new experience, but it can also be a daunting task that requires a lot of careful review. As you search for your dream home, there are many moving parts to consider along the way.   

Between deciding on your overall budget, choosing the location of your new home and finding the right agent to help you through the process, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed before you even begin. If you’re apprehensive about where to start in your home buying plans, take a deep breath and try using the tips below as your guide.

Budget is Everything 

While having the proper budget is probably a given, don’t underestimate the importance of putting one in place right at the beginning. Everyone has their own unique financial situation and stretching your budget past what you know you can afford will cause plenty of extra stress in the long run.   

It’s no secret that purchasing a home is a huge investment. To avoid any unnecessary spending, don’t allow yourself too much wiggle room when it comes to your finances. Whether you map out your budget by hand or opt to meet with a professional wealth advisor, setting a budget at the start is a sure way to set yourself up for long term success. 

Empower yourself with knowledge by becoming an informed consumer and you’re sure to feel less stress as a first-time home buyer. Since you’re entering the world of mortgage loans for the first time, do as much research as possible on how home loan procedures work.  

Whether you discuss a mortgage loan with your current bank or look at options offered by online providers, it’s important to know what you’re getting into before you apply for a loan. While there are opportunities to lower your monthly mortgage payment in the future, signing for something that you can afford from the get-go will aid your quest for affordability.  

Additionally, make sure you find a real estate agent that will be realistic about what is feasible for your current budget and what you won’t be able to afford. With easy access to all the homes for sale in your area, it’s hard to resist looking at houses that are outside of your price range. If you know you have a tendency to stray from a budget, try your best to leave the home search up to your agent. 

Embrace Time Commitment 

It’s rare when home buyers are able to instantly find their dream home, and in most instances, this is not the case. Therefore, it’s crucial to be aware of the time commitment buying a house will require.  

If you’re relocating to a new area, the time commitment will be even more extreme. Juggling office hours and work transitions will be even harder if you don’t have a clear time management plan for your home buying journey.  

Map out your calendar accordingly, as this will significantly reduce any stress you may experience in the months to come. Or use a helpful home buying checklist to plan out exactly what needs to be done. If you can afford to, approach home buying by taking your time. The more time you can utilize, the better. Use personal time at work or effectively plan out your weekends to prevent the negative effects of anxiety.  

Sometimes, it might feel as though you’ve finally found the right home, only to get outbid later on in the buying process. Should setbacks happen that prolong your purchase, don’t get discouraged. Be patient and set accurate expectations for how long it may take you to settle into your new space. It may ease any frustration associated with the journey. 

Know What You Want 

If you haven’t narrowed down all that you know you’re looking for in your first home, now is the time to do so. Buying a home is a big venture, so knowing what you want long-term is the best way to ensure you make the right decisions.  

Purchasing a house without having a framework for what you’re looking for will cost you extra time and money. Whether you are purchasing the home by yourself or with a partner, decide what you’re looking for in a home. You can still have fun picking and choosing what you hope your first home will have to offer.   

Place high value on items such as location, square footage, and the looks in both the interior and exterior of the home. Discuss every aspect of your wants with your real estate agent and make it clear which items you don’t want to budge on. Outline a list of your must-haves along with the things you’d like but know you can do without. By writing down and keeping track of your wants and needs, you’re sure to make the right decisions for your first home.  

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