2017 Lifestyle and Design Trends

By Ann Sennewald, VP Merchandising

Unless you’ve been living under a rock over the past few years, you have probably seen all of the design shows geared towards tiny homes. Spaces are definitely getting smaller and not just in urban areas. We’re seeing apartment dwellers more reluctant to camp out at home during their free time. They live a more active lifestyle and spend as little time as possible kicking up their feet and relaxing.

Apartment living isn’t just for the young and single, but Baby Boomers are returning to the cities as they become empty nesters. When they had their children at home it was all about having space for them to play and grow, but now they want walkable urbanism – the convenience to be able to walk to restaurants, shopping, transit hubs and more!

Because of shrinking floorplans, furnishings are becoming multi-functional. A dresser isn’t necessarily just a place to store your clothing, but can also serve as a TV stand. Beds come with storage drawers so you can eliminate the need for dressers or nightstands. Storage is key when living in a small space, so add pieces to your rooms that can store books, household goods and items you only use a few times a year. Consider glass-on-glass storage pieces because they’re not heavy and give the illusion of being invisible in a room.

To make a space appear larger than it is, interior layouts need to be open and multifunctional. Consider a round counter height table for your eating space – it doesn’t take up a lot of room and provides a visual interest to your design. Need a place to put down your cocktail when entertaining friends, but can’t fit a traditional coffee table? Place a bench in front of your sofa to save on floor space. The bench can also serve as additional seating when you have a larger crowd gathered in your home. Additionally, a dining table can be used as your work space to maximize square footage. Settees and loveseats are space-saving alternatives to a sofa for small spaces.

Incorporate some of these 2017 design trends to maximize your living space so you can afford to live a more active lifestyle.