Survey Reveals Increased Collaboration and Need for Diversity in Office Workstations

Results reveal 65 percent of offices caught on to the open workplace trend


CHANTILLY, Va. (April 14, 2014) – Following the recent trend of open office spaces, employees are now looking for more flexibility in their workstations. A recent survey conducted by Work Design Magazine and CORT, the nation’s leading provider of transition services, identified elements they want to see in their office space including more choices for workstations and updated office furnishings and accessories that promote collaboration.

According to the survey results:

  • Respondents named collaboration and diversity as the most important factors for office space design.
  • 65 percent of respondents would describe their current work space as collaborative or an open concept.
  • 42 percent of respondents are looking for more diversity in the type of workstations they have access to.
  • Respondents most often categorized their office by outdated furnishings and design.
  • Fewer than 10 percent of employees at most offices telecommute, meaning space is at a premium in offices.

“One type of workstation is often not the best solution, especially when your company has a large employee base,” said Ann Sennewald, vice president of merchandising at CORT. “Adding a variety of workstations, from pods to collaborative tables to private meeting rooms not only provides employees with more options for different work styles but also adds a touch of privacy, creating the perfect balance between collaborative and quiet space.”

To support the trend in open and collaborative office spaces, CORT offers a variety of workplace collections, including its most recent STAKs collection. This collection offers diverse workplace configurations that promote collaboration, flexibility and mobility. Flexibility is a key component of STAKs, making it a solution for a wide range of configurations and varying levels of collaboration. From gathering tables that foster collaboration to executive offices, STAKs is the solution for all corners of the workplace.

On April 15 – 17, CORT will host an exhibit at booth #217 at the IFMA Facility Fusion Conference in Washington, D.C., where the transition services and furnishing solutions company will showcase its newest products and best practices for optimizing workplace design and functionality.

The IFMA Facility Fusion Conference is a three-day conference and expo tailored to addressing the educational and networking needs of facility management professionals.

To learn more about CORT’s workplace offerings and services, please visit our blog.

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