Driving Innovation: Allison Ballard Appointed Vice President of Strategy at CORT, Pioneering Flexible Workplace Solutions

In a strategic move to fortify its position as the premier provider of furniture rental and destination services, CORT proudly announces the appointment of Allison Ballard to the newly created role of Vice President of Strategy. With a career spanning over two decades at CORT, Ballard’s elevation underscores the company’s commitment to excellence in customer service and flexible workplace solutions.

As the Executive Vice President of Business Development at CORT, Jeff Rowe expresses confidence in the strategic growth initiatives led by Ballard: “As the economy and market conditions improve, we are strongly positioned to strategically grow our business, and there’s no one better than Allison to lead our efforts. With her vast industry expertise and knowledge of our customer base, we look forward to her leadership in moving our business forward.”

Having served in various sales and leadership positions, Ballard has ascended the ranks at CORT, showcasing her dedication and proficiency. Her journey from Showroom Manager to Vice President speaks volumes about her commitment to the company’s success. In her most recent role as VP and Executive Director of 4SITE by CORT (formerly known as Tapdn), Ballard demonstrated her ability to drive innovation and deliver results.

In her new role, Ballard will spearhead the strategic growth of flexible workplace solutions, aligning with CORT’s commitment to providing customers the tools to optimize their workplace, enhance employee experiences, and improve operational efficiency.

Ballard reflects on the evolving nature of the workplace, stating, “The last few years have shown us being flexible is paramount when it comes to the workplace, and that extends to our business as well. This new role is a direct reflection of our commitment to continuously evolve and grow so we can deliver the best possible service to our customers.”

A distinguished alumna of Pepperdine University, Ballard’s influence extends beyond CORT. She currently serves as a member of the Fast Company Advisory Board, Forbes Business Council, and as an advisory board member for workplace at Propmodo. Her commitment to community service is evident through her volunteer work with HRC and the San Diego Food Bank. Outside of her professional endeavors, she cherishes time spent with her adult children and explores her passion for travel.

Allison Ballard emerges as a visionary leader, steering CORT into the future of workplace solutions. Her strategic acumen and dedication to customer service solidify her role in shaping the trajectory of the company.

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