The Care and Maintenance of Furniture: Keep It in Top Shape During Moving and Storage

Military families move around — a lot. Without the proper planning, each transfer comes with the hassle and challenge of moving large furniture items. Knowing the best ways to move and store your furniture is key to keeping it in top shape. Follow these tips for the care and maintenance of furniture to ensure your furniture makes it to your new military assignment in the same condition it left your old one.

Gather the Right Supplies

The right supplies are important for a smooth move. To cover your furniture, you need a large roll of bubble wrap, plastic sheeting, large blankets or pads, and cardboard sheets. Keep plenty of tape on hand and some sealable zippered bags to keep smaller pieces like screws, nuts, and bolts together.

Dismantle Larger Pieces

Dismantle any furniture that comes apart easily, as this makes it easier to wrap and transport. If you do take things apart, immediately place all the screws and hardware in a sealable plastic bag, label it, and tape it to the furniture so it won’t get lost or separated in transit.

Cover and Wrap Correctly

The next step is to cover and wrap all the furniture. Use blankets or pads to securely cover every surface, and then secure these with rope or tape, being careful not to tape directly onto any finished surfaces. Make sure every surface is covered. For larger pieces, you may need more than one blanket. If you have any glass tables or shelves, cover them in bubble wrap. Then put cardboard around the corners of tables, desks, dressers, and bookshelves to keep them from getting damaged.

After thoroughly covering each piece of furniture, wrap it securely in plastic wrap. This provides extra protection, ensures the blanket or pad won’t come loose, and keeps dirt from getting on the furniture while it’s in transit.

Rent a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

There may be a time before or after your move when you need to put your furniture in a storage unit. In order to keep your furniture and belongings free from moisture and extreme temperatures, choose a climate-controlled storage unit. The climate control is especially helpful for protecting any antiques or valuable items you may have, and it keeps wooden furniture and fabrics safe from excess moisture.

Pack Appropriately

As you put items in your storage unit, it’s important not to overload it. Begin by placing larger items in the back, and always leave enough room around the sides of pieces to get to them easily. The more you try to cram, the more likely things are to get damaged.

If you would rather not deal with the care and maintenance of furniture every time you move for a new military assignment, there is another alternative. CORT Furniture Rental offers complete home furnishings with convenient delivery and pickup, so you can have a house full of furniture without the hassle that comes with moving and storing it.

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