How to Get Free Boxes and Other Moving Supplies

For some people, moving is an exciting adventure filled with chances to declutter, organize, and start over in a new space. For others, the long to-do lists and seemingly endless tasks leave them feeling harried and overwhelmed. For most, it’s likely a mix of both.

Moving can also be expensive, especially as cleaning fees, packing fees, moving fees, utilities deposits, and other expenses begin to add up. One way you can help offset costs is by seeking out free moving boxes and other free packing supplies. If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I get boxes for moving free,” you’re in luck. Keep reading for some expert tips.

Put Out the Call to Friends

A fragile vase in a moving box filled with packing paper

Free moving supplies are plentiful if you know the right places to look. Start by asking family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors if they have any empty boxes. Between boxed items people purchase regularly, such as diapers, and the number of household goods people order online — hello, Amazon Prime — you can probably round up a decent haul of free moving boxes just by putting the word out across your network.

Go Digital

A large collection of flattened moving boxes

When you’re touching base with friends about any boxes they might have, remember to use online spaces to your advantage too. Naomi Cook, owner of Open Doors Organizing, suggests you “check with your local community on” as a route to finding boxes. Facebook yard sale groups and Craigslist can also be a treasure trove of people offering free packing supplies. “Often people who have just moved will post that they have boxes and packing materials to pick up for free,” Cook says. All you have to do is go get them.

Scour Area Retailers

A cardboard box filled with children's books

Make a list of local stores, and drop by when it isn’t busy to ask for boxes. Grocery stores, big box stores like Target and Walmart, and wholesale stores like Costco are all great places to try. Cook says, “For books and smaller items, boxes from liquor stores are the best.”

Get Creative

One of the easiest answers to the question of where to get moving boxes and other free packing supplies is to look around your own home. Suitcases, backpacks, pool bags, large totes, and canvas grocery bags double as convenient containers for holding some of your belongings on moving day.

Professional organizer Jasmine Alexander recommends using towels and blankets to pack breakable items. “You can also pack glasses and plates in clothing that you won’t need to wear right away,” she says. If you’re holding on to a large collection of plastic grocery bags or have a pile of magazines that need to be recycled before you move anyway, both of these make excellent filler or wrapping materials for boxes to help protect fragile items.

By using these tips, you’ll have a mountain of free moving supplies in no time. And remember, Cook says, “If your boxes are still in good shape after your move, don’t forget to pay it forward too.”

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