moving tipsMoving can be a really stressful, harried time in your life.  Even if the move is for entirely positive reasons—you got a promotion and are relocating to corporate headquarters, say, or you and your new spouse are moving into the suburbs to raise a family—it’s still a complicated, unwieldy process rife with difficulties, trials, and tribulations.  That’s why we’ve prepared a series of simple moving tips designed to frame the process.  This is hardly comprehensive—maybe we’ll tackle that down the road—but will serve you well as maxims for your move.

Start by organizing everything.  This includes obvious things, like what you’ll be packing up and taking with you to  your new home, but should extend beyond that.  Organize your possessions into things you want and things you don’t and sell or donate the latter.  Moving can provide a useful pretext to slim down on unnecessary things you might not have the heart to get rid of otherwise.

Get obsessive about making lists.  This goes along with the organization advice.  Lists—of what is in which box, of what tasks need to be done when, and the like—can prove incredibly useful.  (For further moving advice, which includes useful links on this matter, can be found in our earlier moving checklist blog post.)

Ultimately, perhaps the most important bit of advice is to entrust your move with reputable movers.  We here at CORT are proud to offer comprehensive, excellent relocation services.  Whether you’re a human resource officer in charge of relocating an entire office cross-country, or just in charge of your own personal shake-up within the a single zip code, we have a full range of services available at your disposal.  These include furnished housing and destination services, along with a host of other useful products.  You can even find an apartment using our set of search tools over at Apartment Search.

And with a trusted name like CORT, you know you’ll be getting quality, dependable, reputable service from an industry leader.