Pros and Cons of Moving During the Holidays

Moving ANY time of the year can feel stressful… but will moving during the holidays increase that stress or help alleviate it? While the holidays can be hectic, it might actually be a great time to move, depending on your priorities and support system. 

Check out these pros and cons of moving during the holidays to see if it’s the right choice for you or if you should wait until the New Year has been rung in and the Christmas tree stored away.

Pro: You Already Have Time Off to Move

One of the biggest perks of moving during Thanksgiving or Christmas? You don’t have to take as much time off from work. Your employer has probably already given you at least the big holidays off, so you can plan your move around Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day to save on paid vacation. If your move will only take a day or two, this might not be the biggest deal. But every day off of work counts if you’re looking at a longer move. 

Con: Lack of Available Movers

The holidays aren’t peak moving season by any means, but you shouldn’t necessarily expect movers to be readily available. Moving companies need to give their employees time off during the holiday season just like everyone else, so they likely have lighter staffing around this time. That doesn’t mean you can’t find movers, though. You just want to make sure you book your movers as far in advance as possible to secure a slot. It’ll be difficult to get in at the last minute. 

Pro: Friends and Family Might Be More Available to Help

While finding movers might be more of a challenge, there is a good chance your friends and family will be available to help with your holiday moving and storage adventure. They’ve likely also taken a little extra time off to celebrate, freeing up their schedule to help with packing, moving, or unpacking. 

Plus, ‘tis the season of giving — whether that’s moving help or a place to crash. Most people are already prepared to offer up their homes to loved ones during the holidays. Whether you need to stop in town for the night as you make a solo cross-country move or stay a few days between when one lease ends and your next one begins, you’re sure to find someone willing to open their guest bedroom for you. 

Con: Travel Conditions Can Be Less Than Ideal

Depending on where you live, moving in the winter may involve snowy, wet, and icy weather. Keeping your belongings protected will be super important in case you hit inclement weather, and you need to be prepared for possible delays. Weather can be unpredictable, and you never know when a sudden snowstorm might snarl traffic or add a few extra days to your move. 

Pro: You Could Land a Better Deal on Rent

If you’re moving into an apartment, lower rent could be a great reason to move during the holidays. Fewer people tend to move during the winter, so there’s less demand for apartments and rent is usually cheaper. A holiday move could be a great choice if you’re more worried about your budget throughout the rest of the year. 

Con: You May Miss Out on Family Traditions

Moving during the holidays means you’re busy, well, during the holidays. You may miss out on some of your favorite family traditions, whether that’s watching the big Thanksgiving parade, caroling around the neighborhood, or driving through town to look at Christmas lights. If you’re someone who cares deeply about the holiday season, moving during this time and missing out on your favorite activities can make the post-holiday blues come early. 

Pro: You Can Avoid Some of the Holiday Stress

Just like moving, the holidays themselves can be stressful. One upside to moving around this time is that you may be able to take some of that holiday stress off yourself. For starters, you won’t have to worry about going all out on decorations or preparing your home for hosting. And, you can use your move as an excuse to get out of certain obligations. Your friends and family will fully understand that you’re busy with packing and the move. If you need to skip that holiday gathering you’re not looking forward to or can’t muster the energy to bake that pie for Thanksgiving dinner, nobody will judge you!

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