Moving Before Your Lease Ends? How to Advertise a Sublease

Life can throw many pleasant surprises your way. Imagine it: the chance to study abroad, a new job in a new state, an opportunity to start over somewhere exciting.

However, if this requires you to move out before your lease ends, you might have to pay rent for the remainder of the lease term depending on your state’s tenant protection laws.

What to do now? In a word: sublease. Here’s how to advertise a sublease in seven steps so you can turn the page to the next chapter in your life.

The Secrets to Advertising Your Sublease

There’s more to successfully advertising a sublease than just blasting it on the internet. The steps you take before placing an ad or tapping your network will make a far more significant difference than the ad itself.

1. Ensure That Subleasing Is An Option

Don’t make the assumption that you can sublease. Some contracts prohibit it. Even if you have a restrictive lease, however, you have something working in your favor. That something? Bringing your landlord a new tenant, thereby saving them the cost and inconvenience of promoting the apartment themselves.

You’ll want to consider approaching a lawyer specializing in sublease agreements that can help you craft a sublease contract that protects you.

2. Check Out the Competition

Knowing what the competition is doing can help determine a company’s next steps. This situation is no different. Scan sublease listings and take note of how they’re written, what’s being offered, and which ads seem to get more comments and likes — these will help you craft your ad.

3. List the Pros

Once you investigate the competition, it’s time to unleash your secret weapon — the list of the best things about living at your place. Recall what attracted you to it initially and the benefits you discovered once you moved in. Is the building quiet? Are the neighbors friendly? How many minutes’ walk is it to the weekend farmers market down the street? Which coffee shop stays open latest or has the best WiFi?

4. Make Your Space Stand Out

You’ll need photos to capture potential renters’ attention. Before taking them:

  • Clean the space as much as possible, and remove all personal items from the areas being photographed
  • Light the area extensively
  • Photograph amenities such as onsite laundry facilities, clean and accessible parking, etc.
  • Include photos of nearby favorites within walking distance and anything else you wish to include from Step #3.

5. Consider Your Furnishings

Moving can be as emotionally exhausting as it is physically draining, even under the best circumstances. No one enjoys schlepping big, bulky pieces of furniture from place to place.

Take careful inventory of what furniture you have. Is it all going with you? Are there any pieces you no longer want, and could that make an attractive bonus for anyone who signs a sublease? If so, include them in the photos you took as part of Step #4.

If dealing with all of that furniture stresses you out, make plans to rid yourself of such a burden at your next place by renting your furniture rather than buying it. It’s the best way to furnish a short term rental, and it’ll make any subsequent moves FAR less stressful!

6. Identify Your Outlets

If you’ve done any homework on finding someone to sublease your apartment, Craigslist is likely already on your radar. But you can also place ads on dedicated local subletting sites and many Facebook pages. Make sure you adhere to each web page’s character counts and image sizing constraints for the most attractive results.

Also, don’t forget to use one of the oldest (and best) forms of self-promotion — your network! Ask your friends, family, and neighbors to help you spread the word about your place.

7. Advertise Your Sublease

Congratulations! The difficult work is done. Now you’re ready to write an advertisement for your sublease that:

  • Takes inspiration from other sublease ads you liked, such as descriptions of open floor plans and function-friendly kitchens.
  • Talks up great community features with insight that only you have thanks to the time you spent in the area.
  • Includes multiple photos of the apartment, plus any nearby points of interest.
  • Lists specifics such as cost, length of sublease, square footage, bathrooms, and parking info.

Your Next Big Step

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