The Best Towns to Move to in North Carolina

Summer is a hot time to make a move! Thinking about putting down roots in the Tar Heel State? Whether you’re looking for vibrant hustle and bustle, a breezy beach town, or a quiet slice of suburbia, you can find what you’re looking for in North Carolina. These are some of the seven best towns to live in North Carolina, and some of the biggest reasons this state should be on your radar.

Chapel Hill 

The academic hub of North Carolina, Chapel Hill is home to the country’s very first public university, the University of North Carolina. Because the university attracts brilliant minds from around the globe, the city also benefits from increased diversity and cultural opportunities. UNC isn’t the only renowned school, however; Niche gave the Chapel Hill-Carborro City public school district an A+ rating and the #1 spot on its 2022 Best School Districts in North Carolina list. The cost of living in Chapel Hill is a bit higher compared to other places in North Carolina, but you’re paying for the schools, amenities, and opportunities afforded by this attractive town.


If you’re happiest surrounded by the natural beauty of the outdoors, Asheville should be at the top of your list. Nestled between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Great Smoky Mountains, Asheville boasts a picturesque skyline, plentiful family-friendly recreational activities, and scenic drives. The town also takes pride in its roots, placing a focus on protecting and preserving its charming historic districts. Residents describe the pace of Asheville as a bit slower than other cities – who wouldn’t stop to smell the roses in a place as beautiful as this? 


Raleigh is the capital of North Carolina, and it’s got something to offer almost anyone. However, thanks to its lower cost of living, big city excitement, and job market, it’s a particularly great place for young professionals. A tech hub with abundant professional opportunities, Raleigh is the home of Apple’s new, billion-dollar North Carolina campus. It’s also earned the nickname “the Smithsonian of the South” with its world-class historical and cultural attractions and free museums. 


Another hot spot for young professionals, Durham shares many similarities with Raleigh due to its ever-growing medical and tech job markets. The cost of living in Durham is a bit lower than in nearby Raleigh, but there is still plenty of incredible places to go, things to do, and food to eat. Durham is considered a culinary destination due to its nationally recognized restaurants, coffee shops, and breweries. Because Raleigh is only a short drive away, living in Durham truly offers unlimited big city opportunities with a more relaxed, smaller city atmosphere.


If you thrive in places like NYC and Chicago, you might find your perfect home in the Queen City. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina, offering residents all of the conveniences and amenities they’d expect from a bustling metropolis. However, living in Charlotte doesn’t come with the NYC price tag – in fact, the city’s cost of living is 1% lower than the national average and the average rent is under $1,000! If you feel most energized living in a diverse place where there’s always something to see and do, you’ll like what you find in Charlotte.

Wake Forest

Named a top retirement destination of 2019 by Where to Retire magazine, Wake Forest offers residents a close-knit, quieter, small-town way of life. However, because of its proximity to Raleigh and its big city conveniences, Wake Forest is truly the best of both worlds. Wake Forest attracts an older crowd, and both its cost of living and the median home price are on the higher side for North Carolina, making this a top city for more mature families, established professionals, and retirees. 


Want to enjoy a never-ending vacation? Make the move to Wilmington and you’ll feel like you are! A historic port city with three island beaches, Wilmington offers a calm, coastal atmosphere, fabulous weather, historic architecture, and endless entertainment. Beach-lovers of all ages will love living in Wilmington and, amazingly, the cost of living in Wilmington is lower than the national average. It’s also a rapidly growing, popular city, so claim your spot in the sand sooner rather than later!

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