Military Family Tips: How to Always Be Ready for Your Next PCS Move

If you’re an active member of the military, you may have had to move more frequently than most people. Although you’re usually given plenty of advance notice with a PCS move, there is always the possibility you could receive orders at the last minute. Packing up and starting over in a new place is never easy, and there can be lots of added stress if you have to go through the process quickly. Follow these tips to always stay prepared and ready to move, and you may find things go a little more smoothly.

Keep Documents Organized

Develop a filing system so when PCS orders come, you already know where the birth certificates, passports, and other important documents are located. Keep all this important paperwork in its own filing box or folder, and label it so you know exactly what’s in it. If you’re dealing with a last-minute move and need to access these essential documents, then you’ll have them all in one place and ready to go.

Regularly Declutter

There’s always some downsizing during a move, but if you’re only given limited notice, then you might find yourself overwhelmed with stuff and no time to sort through it all. Instead of saving your purging for packing day, regularly go through your items and toss or donate what you don’t need. Remember to check closets consistently, and look for duplicates or unused items that tend to collect in bathroom and kitchen cabinets.

Stock up on Moving Supplies

You can never have too many cardboard boxes on hand. Rather than scramble to collect all the moving supplies you need, keep a stockpile tucked away in the attic or basement. These items should include boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap, and moving pads. If you plan far enough in advance, then you can collect many of these supplies for free from friends and neighbors who have made their own moves.

Rely on Your Moving Binder

A moving binder is a must when you’re ready to change homes, but if you’re military, you should have one at all times. In your binder, keep a moving checklist and all the paperwork, documents, and receipts related to your move. When you receive your PCS orders, you’ve got all the information you used during your last move right at your fingertips. This can be invaluable, especially if you’re moving yourself and need to remember what moving company you prefer or how much it cost to rent a truck.

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