Make Your Home Sparkle with Hollywood Glam Decor

Are you looking to update your living space with sumptuous, sophisticated style? Inspired by the golden age of cinema, Hollywood glam decor features curves, color, pattern, texture, and shine. If you want to feel like a star in your own home, then all you need are a few tips and tricks for glamming up your space.


Much like the voluptuous starlets back in the day, Hollywood style furniture design features beautiful curved lines. For a Hollywood glam living room, choose pieces that sit low to the ground, such as rounded footstools and ottomans, an oval-shaped coffee table, and a curved sofa, chaise lounge, and slipper chair. Curvy accent pieces to consider include round and oval throw rugs and lamps featuring spheres or teardrop shapes.  


When it comes to the right color choices for Hollywood glam decor, there are two schools of thought. For an elegant look, combine subtle shades like white, cream, soft pink, and gray with gold or silver accents. For a more majestic feel, choose jewel tones in red, green, blue, or purple, and pair them with polished gold accents. Whichever color palette suits your fancy, it’s sure to be show-stopping.


The decor of old Hollywood is famous for its patterned wallpaper. Typical motifs include broad stripes, geometric shapes, birds, flowers, and palm leaves. To avoid displaying too much pattern with wallpaper, cover one accent wall, or paper the ceiling for a unique, bold look. Upholstered Hollywood glam furniture features even more patterns in the form of nail heads, decorative tufting, and various kinds of patterned trim.


In addition to curves, color, and pattern, Hollywood glam interior design style features plenty of texture. Popular textiles include velvet, chenille, silk, satin, and brocade. Furniture, bedding, and throws covered in these opulent fabrics offer a great start, but don’t forget about fur. Faux-fur throw pillows and an imitation animal rug offer a blend of glamour and texture to any bedroom or living room. More accessories that deliver Hollywood-inspired texture include artwork in gilded frames, long tapered candles, and crystal vases full of fresh-cut hydrangeas, dahlias, or chrysanthemums.


An interior space doesn’t say Hollywood glamour without a little shine. With a glossy luster and a durable finish, lacquered furniture makes a pretty and practical choice for any room in your home. While you might prefer shiny black or white pieces, a lacquered dresser, end table, or nightstand in fire-engine red, deep purple, or royal blue makes a bold statement. Mirrored and metallic elements also bring shine to your living areas. Items that offer style and sophistication include:

  • Gilded wall and floor mirrors
  • Gold-plated figurines
  • Metallic accents on doors, cabinets, and cupboards
  • Gold, silver, or brass candlesticks
  • Ornate metal room dividers and screens
  • Silver vases, platters, and trays
  • Gold bird cages and planters
  • Gold- and silver-accented wallpaper, upholstery, and bedding
  • Mirrored furniture like end tables and vanities
  • Elaborate metal wall sconces
  • Gold or silver lamp stands
  • Golf flatware and gold-trimmed glassware

Table with gold flatware, gold-trimmed wine glasses, and tapered candles

Iconic Hollywood Glam Furniture and Accessories

When it comes to Hollywood glam decor, a few iconic pieces really set the stage. If you’re looking to add new fixtures or furniture to your space, then start with these statement pieces.


Laden with crystals or candelabras, a chandelier adds elegance and drama to a bedroom, living room, or dining area. Of all the design essentials for a Hollywood-inspired home or apartment, this one tops the list. To change the ambiance in your space from elegant to romantic, install a dimmer switch for after-dinner cocktails with friends or a date night at home.

Close-up of crystals on a chandelier

Chesterfield Sofa

When it comes to Hollywood-style seating for you and your guests, a chesterfield sofa makes the perfect choice. Features include curved arms and a low, tufted back, and some models have nail head trim along the arms and bottom. Covered in velvet fabric, this chic sofa becomes the focal point in any living room or den.

Bar Cart

Drawing on a blend of two design styles — mid-century modern and Hollywood glam — a bar cart makes a must-have accessory for fashionable Hollywood decor. For a little extra glitz, don’t forget a sparkling crystal decanter. Roxy Owens, the founder of Society Social furniture store, suggests using trays to organize cocktail essentials and dressing up your cart with pretty cloth napkins and custom coasters.

Luxurious Bedding

For the height of Hollywood luxury in the bedroom, start with a comfy mattress and an elegant, tufted headboard. For a splendid night’s sleep, opt for a cozy down comforter covered with a satin or micro-suede duvet. Add several tasseled pillows and a faux-fur throw for an ultra-glam boudoir.

Bedroom featuring grey dresser with floral arrangement and gold floor lamps

You don’t have to go to La La Land to find Hollywood glam decor. If you’re looking to experiment with Hollywood style furniture design, then check out the elegant pieces available at CORT Furniture Rental.

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