6 Must-Haves for Interchangeable Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decorating is a fun and exciting way to revitalize your space and express your festive cheer. However, it can be difficult deciding which seasonal home decor items to buy and which ones to skip, especially when trying to make a small or temporary living arrangement feel like home.

It’s usually best to choose items that can be swapped out or modified to match varying occasions or holidays. Living in a small, transitional, or impermanent space shouldn’t mean that you have to miss out on the excitement of themed decorating! For a home that adapts seamlessly throughout the year, invest in these interchangeable seasonal decoration items.

Neutral Furniture with Seasonal Accents

A neutral foundation not only gives the illusion of more space, but it can also provide the perfect backdrop for accent pieces tailored to each season. If you have neutral-colored furniture, bright and tropical throw pillows and blankets can emphasize your summer home decor with impressionable pops of color. And by following this same theme with dining placements, for example, you can add forest-inspired cloth napkins or vibrant foliage once autumn arrives.


The right florals can successfully emulate the spirit of any season, and they are one of the most inexpensive ways to make your home come alive with natural aromas, color, and an overall, inviting atmosphere. The best part — you can swap them out at any time without compromising on storage space.

Plants and flowers are intense competitors when decorating for any holiday or celebration. Consider using these floral ideas to maximize your seasonal home decor:

  • Create a warm and sunny atmosphere with sunflowers, daylilies, and daisies for summer.
  • Get fall festive with dried foliage, wheat, and oak leaves.
  • Spread holiday cheer with white tulips and red poinsettias during winter.
  • Bloom into spring with refreshing options like primrose, daffodils, and tulips.

Unadorned Wreaths and Garlands

Wreaths and garlands are beautiful and exciting items to use when decorating. But they can be both a storage nightmare and a budget burden when having a separate one for each festive era. A plain, customizable wreath or garland that speaks several different seasonal languages is a great way to spruce up your space. Transform them year-round with interchangeable accents like seasonally-colored ribbons and faux foliage.

Seasonal Scents

When reminiscing on your favorite times of holidays and celebrations past, what scents come to mind? Warm spices and apple cider likely rise to the surface of your fall nostalgia. And surely your spring recollections are filled with the aromas of fresh rain and wildflowers.

According to Psychology Today, due to the direct connection between the olfactory system and the brain, our sense of smell is incredibly powerful when it comes to triggering memories. Don’t pass up on the opportunity to leverage it within your home!

Glass and Textured Vases

The decorative value of vases is often overlooked. Not only can they be used to house everything from flowers to desktop supplies, but they can hold their own as elegant centerpieces or stand-alone decoration. When exploring how to decorate your home seasonally, consider introducing a few vases to your decor.

Glass vases can hold items that are true to every season. You can create an elegant display of your fall acorns and mini pumpkins, floating spring flowers, or faux winter snow paired with ornaments and pinecone potpourri. Or, combine your flowers and plants with textured vases and materialize each beautiful season into an exquisite holiday bouquet.

Customizable Mats and Signs

Investing in customizable seasonal home decor such as pallet signs, doormats with switchable graphics, and holiday sentiments allow for a smoother transition into any theme. Switch out a small piece here and there, and your “Hello Winter!” sign converts into a “Hello Spring!” decoration in a pinch. Instead of storing doormats and home sentiments for every season, you can buy a single item and get your money’s worth year-round.

Being in a short-term rental doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the excitement of redecorating your home with the seasons. Set the foundation for your holiday decor with high-quality furniture rentals from CORT. We’ll help you get what you need to feel cozy and stylish in your temporary living space.