Home Design: Small Living Room Ideas with a Big Effect

A small living room doesn’t have to look crowded and cluttered. Smart designs can transform even a tiny living room into a space that makes the right statement. When they’re done well, small touches can have a big effect. Make the most of your décor with these small living room ideas.

1. Reflect a Little

Mirrors give the appearance of more space in your living room. Place a large mirror in a prominent spot, or position a few mirrors across from windows to reflect natural light.

2. Think Straight

Use geometry to provide the illusion of extra length and depth. For example, place linear décor such as art all the way to the ceiling.

3. Stay Neutral

When choosing a color scheme, lighter hues always gives the appearance of more space, so opt for white, cream, beige, or pastel colors. Consider these apartment living room ideas to use color in a fun way:

  • Use colorful throw pillows on an off-white sofa.
  • Create an elegant touch with a gray-on-gray color scheme.
  • Go monochromatic for dramatic contrast, such as black lighting fixtures and accessories against a crisp-white wall.

4. Aim High

Think of your room’s vertical dimensions. For one clever trick, hang curtains from just under the ceiling to the floor. This draws the eye upward and emphasizes the height of the room. You can also fill vertical space with smaller artwork, giving the room a larger appearance.

5. Tuck It In

Make your furniture work harder by doubling as storage space. Hide throw blankets in a small ottoman, or place pretty storage baskets under a coffee table or console. If you like DIY projects, make a sofa that rests on top of stylish, sturdy storage bins.

6. Remember the Forgotten

Don’t forget about underused spots like nooks and windowsills for extra storage. Hang small shelves in narrows spaces to hold storage aids like baskets and jars, and use windowsills for plants and other décor.

7. Keep It Light

When it comes to furniture, choose pieces that fit the scale of your space. Think loveseats, small chairs, and round coffee tables. Choose styles that appear light. Some examples include:

  • Chairs that don’t have arms
  • Sofas that appear to float
  • Coffee tables with delicate frames

Use the ingenuity of these small living room ideas for inspiration, but don’t stop there. You can claim even more space with creative furniture arrangements and other clever touches, such as oversized area rugs and layered lighting.

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