Mom Hacks: Tips and Tricks for Living Room Organization

No matter how organized you are — or try to be — children can change your ability to keep your home “picked up” and looking its best. A sea of toys can quickly swallow the most stylish design plan, and oftentimes living room organization is one of the greatest challenges.

There’s good news, though. With a little advance planning and some help from the right furniture, organizing toys in the living room can be done without leaving your home looking like a toy store. These five hacks will help you keep your living room organized without sacrificing your personal style.

Give Your Child Some Space

You want every family member to be able to enjoy the living room, and that means giving every family member their own sense of space within the room. Designate an area where children can play with toys or participate in activities like reading and drawing. Work with children on keeping their toys in that area. Then you can work on ways to design that particular space to keep it tidy and organized.

No Toy Left Behind

Just as with other types of home organization, clutter happens when objects don’t have a place of their own. Make sure there’s a place for every toy, whether that means a basket, shelf, or on your child’s bed. Adding things like shelves and baskets that fit your design scheme make it easier for you to keep your home decluttered in a stylish way. And by making sure your child is putting toys back in their “home” each time he or she is done playing, you’re instilling great habits that last a lifetime.

Use Toys as Design Elements

Toys are by nature meant to be playful, so why not use them as design pieces? Things like wooden blocks or antique toys can add whimsical accents to an adult design scheme and double as playthings for children. If you buy toys with this dual purpose in mind, it will change the way you shop as well.

Make a Practice of Giving Back

When toy collections start getting out of control — as often happens after birthdays and holidays — help your child cull his or her collection while learning about giving back. Ask your children to make a pile of toys they no longer play with, and donate them to a shelter, hospital, or other organization. Use this as a moment to teach about the value of giving to others.

Let Your Furniture Do the Hard Part

Finding places for everything in your home can sometimes be challenging, so choose furniture that helps you out. Furniture that does double duty, such as storage ottomans, can make magnificent toy boxes. Plus, they make it easy to organize the living room at a moment’s notice. Or use a stylish credenza as a focal point of the room, and let it serve as a storage unit for toys and games.

An organized, stylish living room can coexist with children (and their toys). Get the whole family involved and make it a group effort to keep your space looking more like a living room and less like Legoland. And when you’re searching for the furniture that can help you keep your living room organized, visit CORT Furniture Rental to discover some great possibilities.

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