Embracing the Furniture Rental Revolution: A Year in Review

As we bid farewell to the passing year, it’s time to unravel the fascinating story behind the numbers, trends, and heartfelt choices that shaped the furniture rental landscape. 

If you’ve ever wondered about the impact of your choices in the “freedom from owning furniture” era, this article is your backstage pass into the world of furniture rental statistics and the incredible moments we’ve shared.

1. Time Saved, Life Gained: 4.8 Million Hours

In the spirit of making life more convenient for you, picture this: 1.2 million pieces of furniture delivered to your doorstep, saving you a whopping 4.8 million hours. No Allen wrenches or confusing instructions—just pure, unadulterated convenience that allowed you to reclaim precious time and live life on your terms.

2. Monumental Rental Choices: A Pyramid, Grand Central, and the Grand Canyon

Now, imagine a furniture collection so vast it could fill the Great Pyramid of Giza 137 times for homes and for offices, we’ve rented enough to fill Grand Central Station. Yes, you read that right! Our top pieces for homes and offices have been the go-to choice, creating a visual spectacle that adds a touch of grandeur to your living and working spaces.

CORT Furniture Rental Stats

For those who revel in hosting unforgettable gatherings, our event furnishings have made a mark. The combined charisma of our event pieces could host an event stretching the length of the Grand Canyon! Your celebrations, fireside chats, and corporate gatherings, powered by our furniture, create memories that are as expansive as the canyon itself.

3. Zip Codes Leading the “Freedom from Owning Furniture” Era

A special shout-out to the trendsetters in 37203, 33901, 21044, and 35806—zip codes that stood out as the largest groups in embracing the “freedom from owning furniture” era. Your collective choice has sparked a movement, reshaping the way we view and interact with our living spaces and workplaces.
CORT Furniture Rental Stats

4. Sustainable Choices: Chelsee Dresser and 425 Trees Preserved

Amidst the diverse array of furniture in our inventory, let’s take a moment to celebrate the environmental impact of your choices. Thanks to your support and our circular business model, the Chelsee Dresser alone has stood guard, safeguarding a remarkable 425 trees from being felled. Your commitment to a more sustainable way of living echoes through each piece you choose.

5. Community Impact: 329,042 lbs. of Food and Counting

Beyond the realm of furniture, your partnership with us has enabled meaningful corporate giving efforts. Together, we’ve contributed 329,042 pounds of food to our esteemed partner Move for Hunger. This translates to more than 274,000 meals served to those in need. Your choices extend far beyond furnishing spaces; they contribute to building a better world.

Unlock a Seamless 2024: Elevate Your Lifestyle with CORT

Your year-end story is not just a tale of numbers; it’s a narrative woven with the threads of conscious choices, shared experiences, and a commitment to a more vibrant, sustainable future. 

As we step into the promising horizon of 2024, we invite you to make life even easier. Consider embracing the seamless experience of furniture rental with CORT. Your journey towards a life, workplace, or event defined by choice, convenience, and sustainability awaits at CORT.com.

Best wishes for an inspired and furnished 2024!

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