CORT San Diego Gives Foster Children New Alternatives

CORT San Diego has partnered with New Alternatives, a behavioral coaching program for foster youth in the community, as part of the continuing efforts to build strong partnerships with Supportive Housing Organizations. CORT supports New Alternatives by providing deeply discounted furniture for temporary housing while youth experiencing particularly stressful life transitions participate in the therapeutic behavioral services program.

“This cause is particularly close to my own heart,” says Lee Otto, retail manager, CORT San Diego. “As a product of the foster care system, I am invested in giving back and fortunate to be able to do so for organizations like New Alternatives.”

CORT San Diego has provided furniture for more than 29 program participants since the partnership started in June of 2016.  “There are so many benefits to this partnership with CORT,” said Nikki Clark, therapeutic behavior coach at New Alternatives.  “Because the warehouse is right here in San Diego, I am able to physically see and touch the products and decide what is needed for our apartments. Each CORT employee I have worked with is friendly and professional, providing excellent customer service to ensure I am satisfied with the experience from start to finish.”

By creating comfortable spaces that allow children to relax and feel safe, CORT and New Alternatives hope to facilitate bright futures for every foster child in San Diego.