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Whether you’re getting your first apartment or your 10th, here are the lease terms you need to understand before you sign on the dotted

In today's market, there are new apartments going up constantly all over the country, and rent keeps increasing all the while. We explore this

Research reveals that the U.S. rental market remains strong due to families and individuals choosing to rent homes rather than purchasing their own.

In January 2015, the national apartment market enjoyed its strongest January post-recession. Find more information about the housing market trends.

The U.S. has always been a place of open vistas, space in which to spread out. Learn more about U.S. expansion and how it

Apartment Building in Manhattan, New YorkIn a tight real estate market like we have experienced for over the past two years, high demand for rentals puts extra pressure on an assignee. Even astute, resourceful folks who find several good options prior to the tour day are likely to find them already rented. By scheduling an accompanied tour, the assignee can rely on the local real estate expert to pay close attention to the availability of rentals so that their search is more efficient.