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Monday we celebrate the holiday set aside to honor those who died fighting in America’s wars.  It was first established as Decoration Day during

Third culture kid (TCK), ATCK Adult third culture kid or third culture individual (TCI) are terms used to refer to children raised in a

Bostonians celebrate Patriot Day to recall the events the led to the outbreak of fighting between the American colonists and the British. By 1775,

Ex·pa·tri·ate: (n) a person who lives outside their native country. Each year, CORT Destination Services supports thousands of individuals and families through the challenges inherent in

By Heather R. Johnson People move into temporary housing for many reasons: a job change, an internship, a home renovation, a military relocation. Whether your

By Heather R. Johnson Moving to a new city is both exciting and stressful. You get to start fresh with a new home, new job,