Touring Services: Demand on the Rise

touring servicesCORT’s local market touring services have really received a boost in popularity in recent months, according to a recent press release.  As local apartment complexes look to expand their reach, many are buying into the value that a partnership with a national furniture rental and relocation services organization like CORT can offer.

And that value is, indeed, highly rewarding.  Since apartment companies are still smarting from a three-year high in vacancies brought on by the recent economic recession have found that pairing with CORT’s brand has given their local organizations national reach.  That’s because CORT is uniquely poised to reach those very customers that local apartment companies find it particularly difficult to reach through local-market advertising: prospects looking to relocate from out-of-town.

CORT’s global reach, combined with its unique appeal to organizations looking to relocate many employees en masse, makes it a natural choice for influencing these prospects.  The fact that CORT takes an entirely encompassing approach to facilitating the moving process, which, in addition to representing a superior product, also cuts down significantly on coordination issues, doesn’t hurt.

And since CORT is the only holistic solution to any moving process, whether that move happens to entail one person changing neighborhoods in the same city or an entire corporate campus uprooting and moving cross-country.  From our expansive selection of relocation services to our temporary housing solutions to our ever-popular furniture rental options (for home or office) to our aforementioned touring/destination services, CORT is uniquely poised to make your moving experience as easy and painless as possible.  In a tough situation, it helps to be able to trust an industry leader, and we certainly fit that bill.

As organizations across the world learn to adapt and grow in this new economy, we here at CORT will be here to lend a helping hand, and our touring services are just one small element of our wide range of solutions.