Survey Reveals Employees Crave Collaboration and Diversity in Workstations

staks collaborative officeEmployees have different work preferences and needs, which is why there can’t be a “one size fits all” approach to workplace design. While many offices have embraced the open concept trend, a recent survey conducted by Work Design Magazine and CORT revealed that employees are still looking for more flexibility in their workstations. Survey respondents identified elements they wanted to see in their office spaces such as more choices for workstations and updated office furnishings and accessories that promote collaboration.

According to the survey results:

  • *Respondents named collaboration and diversity as the most important factors for office space design.
  • *65 percent of respondents would describe their current work space as collaborative or an open concept.
  • *42 percent of respondents are looking for more diversity in the type of workstations they have access to. For many respondents, this means more private workstations for calls and meetings.
  • *Respondents most often categorized their office as having an outdated design and furnishings.
  • *Fewer than 10 percent of employees at most offices telecommute, meaning space is at a premium in offices.

staks collaborative workstation

With so many different needs, employers should choose a variety of furnishings to create a collaborative yet productive environment.

“One type of workstation is often not the best solution, especially when your company has a large employee base,” said Ann Sennewald, vice president of merchandising at CORT. “Adding a variety of workstations, from pods to collaborative tables to private meeting rooms not only provides employees with more options for different work styles but also adds a touch of privacy, creating the perfect balance between collaborative and quiet space.”

staks collaborative workstation

To support the trend in open and collaborative office spaces, CORT offers a variety of workplace furnishings and accessories, including its most recent STAKs collection. Flexibility is a key component of STAKs, making it a solution for a wide range of configurations and varying levels of collaboration. From gathering tables that foster collaboration to executive offices, STAKs is the solution for all corners of the workplace.