Returning to Work: Challenges, Concerns, and Cost Impacts

It’s been said before, but we’ll repeat it, “a ‘good workplace’ is defined by the employees that use it.” If a space doesn’t fulfill more for employees than providing a desk and computer to sit at for 8 hours, it’s not living up to its highest potential. Gone are the days where work is a location to complete tasks, and now are the times where a workplace is successful based on the environment it creates to attract, excite, and retain top talent. But with health and safety at the top of most applicants lists of demands, whether they currently work for a company or aspire to, new challenges and pain points are standing in the way for businesses hoping to accomplish this exact goal.

This is why we surveyed almost 1,000 respondents across 12 different industries to hear their thoughts, concerns, and hopes across ten different areas related to the pandemic affecting many in 2020. We wanted to know about their perspectives on working from home, employee concerns with returning to work, business changes, and upcoming office trends ranked by safety.

As you read, you’ll notice through the study that one thing is clear: there is no straightforward approach to getting back to what we all once knew as “normal.” While many may wish that a “flip could be switched” and things could appear as they once were, the various costs and enhancements to retro-fit the workplace with safety in mind will be challenging for some – but not impossible. The updates will look different across different industries, and no one solution will fit every problem both in the near – and long-term.

We hope that these results will surprise but also encourage you with your ongoing workplace re-entry strategy.

Returning to Work

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