Relocation Services: Easing The Transition

As an employer considering relocation services offerings for effective deployment of talent abroad, there are many crucial considerations. As we discussed last week, providing valuable core services is a strong incentive for employees to make this huge life change. When you do what you can to ease the lifestyle transition and maximize convenience for employees, the quality of work and overall success of the deployment is likewise maximized. CORT’s menu of relocation services feature flexible options you can incorporate into your offerings.

When you’ve designed a strong and flexible policy, employees will be less reluctant to take on an international assignment. With the right planning and consideration of the many variable factors of relocation, your company will see a successful deployment unfold. Everything from family profile, departure and destination locales, culture and language considerations, and defined length of the assignment must weigh in. A CORT representative can help you put it all together.

Give your employees the chance to choose their ideal neighborhood when you provide the option of  unfurnished apartments or rental houses for long-term assignments. They are more cost-effective and homey than temporary solutions like extended hotel stay.  They’re also a bit more private and cozy than some corporate housing or serviced apartment options. Deployed families will appreciate the independence of being able to cook their own meals and adjust to new city life on their own terms. CORT makes it easy to coordinate advanced installation of rental furniture in tandem with this living choice.

Our relocation services and furniture rental options help families settle into their new homes comfortably and quickly, which promotes more productivity in work-related roles. Because many of today’s employees don’t want to be away from home for more than a year, nearly 75 percent of current relocations have a duration of under three years, while approximately 32 percent are designed to last under one year. In the past, permanent housing was a more routine solution as assignments lasted longer. Move your company forward with modern relocation services from a provider that understands easing the transition for employees and families.