Office Furniture Rental: Helping Startups Save Money

furniture rentalGreat first impressions and keeping costs low are essential for startup companies to begin the journey to success. And solving the startup challenge of creating a comfortable visual presentation, combined with cost reductions, all can be accomplished with office furniture rental.

Whether your startup becomes the next Groupon or Google or is purely a law firm or a real estate company, minimizing expenditures can free up vital capital for mission-critical operations. As the organization expands, adding office furniture for new employees and new locations can make the business leap a bit easier with minimal effect on the bottom line.

Of course, freeing up capital with office furniture rental does not mean the business and employee workspace need to look like the décor came from a yard sale. CORT has the largest selection of furniture rental options in the world. With custom-tailored packages and lease terms, your startup does not need to sacrifice the quality and feel of the office in order to lower expenses.

There are other benefits to renting office furniture too. Rather than tying up initial capital and watching as depreciation eats away at the investment, rental furniture may be classified as a deductible business expense. And with CORT, adding more furniture to accommodate new employees, bigger business meetings or simply making changes, is a snap.

First impressions for the startup organization do not always happen in the office. Rental furniture is a perfect option for special events, seminars and trade shows. Our National Accounts Coordinators can help any business get set up for those all-important events both quickly and easily.

In a new business venture, every financial number is important. Our asset management program is here to help you uncover the advantages of renting or leasing office furniture and calculate the figures that matter to you most. Contact a CORT representative today and find out how we can help you lower costs and look good at the same time.