New Workplace Products Address Employee Well-Being

Group Office MeetingRecent studies show a correlation between poor health and sitting for long periods of time. Many medical experts have even referred to sitting as the new smoking! As a result, more and more workplaces are providing diversity in their workstations, allowing employees the mobility they need to improve their productivity and wellbeing.

To meet these challenges, CORT’s designed a series of new workplace products that address recent work design trends such as sit-to-stand versatility, maximizing collaboration opportunities, and ensuring workplace furnishings and accessories complement the latest technology.

CORT’s new products include:

  • • Sit-to-stand Desk – An electric, height adjusting sit-to-stand desk encourages employee health and collaboration through allowing users to alternate between sitting and standing.
  • • The Flo Monitor Arm – an accessory designed to improve workplace ergonomics and ideal for use with touch screen monitors
  • • The Staks Gathering Table – a large interrupted surface that promotes collaboration with small groups and offers flexibility in ways to work, including sitting, standing or perching
  • • The Staks Executive Series – a contemporary product offering scaled to support active workplaces with modular components, compact storage and layered work areas
  • • The Nex Series – a high-quality and versatile line of executive workplace furnishings
  • • Soft seating – comfortable seating options placed throughout open workspaces to allow employees relaxing areas to collaborate.

CORT’s latest products provide employees with diversity and flexibility in their workstations but they also address another major workplace (and health) concern – sedentary lifestyles. For most, a typical workday involves sitting at a desk all day. Sitting for more than eight hours a day has been linked to serious health risks such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. By utilizing workplace furniture that promotes mobility such as CORT’s sit-to-stand desk, workers can alternate between sitting and standing, reducing the time spent sedentary and increasing their overall health.

CORT offers something to meet the needs of every employee. While workplaces are being redesigned, office furnishings need to reflect the change in trends such as greater flexibility, ergonomics and collaboration.

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