Make a Green Move While Planning Your Office Relocation

office relocationAn office relocation is a great opportunity to make the transition to a more sustainable office. Sustainability is not just a good idea, it can save money and promote innovative thinking. Here are a few tips for turning your office relocation into a green move.

Think Green When Purchasing Packing and Office Supplies

Relocation often means the need for restocking supplies. Since you will be updating your address for supply deliveries anyway, you may want to use your relocation as an opportunity to order supplies that are composed of recycled or compostable materials. With a little research, you can find recycled paper supplies and even compostable cups and plates. Go green with your move as well by using recycled boxes and compostable or low-plastic packing supplies.

Think Green When Purchasing and Installing Equipment

You can turn your relocation into a green re-design by rethinking the way you use your office equipment. Setting equipment to sleep mode after 5 minutes of reuse can save lots of wasted energy. And connected workstations to a central power strip can make it easy to turn off lights and equipment at the end of the day. With a little effort in planning and designing your office space, you can make it much easier to save energy and reduce waste.

Think Green When Establishing New Systems

Any office relocation often requires re-establishing office systems. Consider establishing an inner-office think tank to brainstorm and research ways to reduce waste. This can lead to some great green solutions as well as create a new level of employee participation and increased morale. Ideas may be as simple as removing the new address from catalogue lists and where to place recycle bins or as robust as establishing green trainings or a zero-waste policy.

Think Green When Planning Office Furniture Use

Relocation often involves acquiring more furniture. Office furniture rental makes green sense in more than one way. First, office furniture rental pieces are by nature reused, which is a key to sustainability. Also, using non-new furniture means lowered possibility of concerns such as outgassing. When planning the furniture rental for your relocation, consider where the furniture is coming from. CORT proud to be the exclusive rental agent of Herman Miller office systems nationwide. Herman Miller, a leader in sustainable design, offers such solutions as using sustainable alternatives to PVC in their office chairs. CORT also offers clearance furniture for sale at showrooms across the country.

We hope these tips help turn your next office relocation into a green opportunity!