Furniture Rental: A Winning Combination

The recent uncertainty in global markets has had an impact on all businesses, including the furniture rental industry. During the recession, many people stopped buying and leasing furniture. But recently, as the marketplace experiences a recovery, people’s interest in furniture is not only renewed, but increasing.

More people than ever are seeing furniture rental as a smart choice, especially those whose jobs have them transferring from one city to the next. People are flocking to CORT for help with their furniture rental needs, because, for many, it’s just what makes sense.

First, many people have reassessed their priorities and are more purposeful in how they spend their money. Rather than invest a lot of money in furniture that will immediately depreciate in value, why not rent furniture for a fraction of the cost?

Second, many people like the flexibility of a furniture rental agreement. Rather than get stuck for years with just one look, with furniture rental, you are free to replace your furniture with something that fits the style you are going for.

Finally, these days people expect that when they spend their hard-earned money, they will get a high level of service and respect. Our team of experts offers a full list of services to assist you with every furniture rental need you might have. From home staging, to furnished housing, to destination services or even our live chat service, our representatives are ready to assist you with any need. And with a wide selection of furniture at their fingertips, you’re sure to find something that is perfect your space without going over your budget.

In this day and age, people want the most for their money. CORT offers the hands-on attention you’d get from the neighborhood store with the selection and resources of a global company. Now that’s a winning combination.