Furniture Arrangement Tips: Employee Comfort

Are you relocating your business, starting up a new one, or looking to hire and add new employees? If so, a comfortable, well-placed office is a must. At CORT, we truly understand a comfortable, pleasing working environment can result in improved employee performance and morale. The right office furniture rental solutions can indirectly lead to better meetings and customer interactions.

We have focused on home-staging in our furniture blog, and those same tips may be applied to an office of any size. Well-placed furniture, even in the office, facilitates traffic flow and limits obstruction. A minimalist approach to furniture placement also helps reduce clutter.

Managers, human resource personnel and business owners alike are typically concerned about furniture placement and communication between employees. While sometimes subjective, many employees, whether in an office or cubicle, prefer being able to perceive the full environment around them. Employees positioned with their backs to doors or entryways to cubicles may feel vulnerable. This can result in employees losing focus or needing to change their positioning to communicate with fellow employees. Additionally, comfort may be of some concern to employees. While it may seem like a small issue, employee comfort may lead to better workplace morale.

If finding comfortable office furniture to enhance your working environment is on your to-do list, CORT is the premier place to help you, whether your business is planning to relocate, upgrade or just augment the look and feel of your workspace.  We also serve the logistical needs of organizations requiring business furniture nationwide. Further, we offer professional space planning to help you create workflow, comfort and personalization in your workplace.

Office meeting space and workspace do not have to be uninteresting or unpleasant. We have plenty of furniture rental and clearance furniture options available to help organize and optimize your office space for greater productivity.