Designing Impressive Startup Spaces on a Budget

Getting a startup off the ground is an exciting process, but keeping costs low while setting up functional office space can be a challenge that requires creativity and flexibility. Below we cover some tips for startups on a limited budget, from finding alternative workspaces and office furniture rental to designing a space that encourages collaboration.

Keep It Flexible

Your startup likely has little cash to cover all of the overhead expenses of setting up an office. And with the possibility of quick growth, your company might need to expand in just a few months time. That means it’s best to be flexible with all of your assets – from furniture to office space.

Consider office furniture rental to leave cash open for investment in other essentials like top-of-the-line technology. An added benefit of furniture rental is being able to add more desks when new employees sign on.

Also, be open to non-traditional office spaces. Co-working communities and executive suites are both excellent options. With these you get access to workspace, conference rooms, telecommunications services, and possibly even support staff, all without an expensive traditional commercial lease.

Make a Good First Impression

Set the scene for funder, clients, and employees with a well-designed office. You want your offices to be a fun place to get work done so make sure you chose a style that conveys both professionalism and a sense of playfulness. A great place to start is with a solid reception desk in front of a large piece of art that really expresses the feel and philosophy of your company. Incorporate your company colors into accessories and  wall colors. Encourage employees to decorate their workspaces to make them personalized and inviting.

Collaboration Is Key

Startups are dens of creativity and well-designed office space will encourage creative employees to share ideas and collaborate. You might try organizing desks in a configuration that encourages interaction. Also ensure that there is plenty of room for employees to kick back and relax while having an informal meeting or spending a late night working. Lounges with big, comfy chairs and cozy couches can encourage employees to stick around to finish up a job even after hours.

Looking for more ideas on designing your office? Check out our Office Spaces pinboard for extra inspiration!