Design Your Office for Productivity

Are you starting up a new office or is your existing office starting to feel a little stifling? Boost everyone’s productivity by setting up comfortable, inspiring workspaces with suitable technology and office furniture. Rental office spaces can be incredibly productive places when set up properly.

Collaborative Space

There is an increasing emphasis on collaborative spaces in the office these days. Open spaces that can be configured with plenty of chairs and table space are almost a must. They allow flexibility so you and your team, no matter the size, can work together on any project.  Be sure to choose well-crafted office furniture. Rental is a good option because it allows you to grow and change your collaborative spaces to best suit your evolving workforce, but still have access to high-quality pieces. In addition to furniture, these spaces should have conference call connections, a television or projection screen for presentations, and white boards for scribbling down ideas during brainstorming sessions.

Private Space

Sometimes collaborative spaces are not the best for helping workers think, focus, and get down to business. Even with an open floor plan, every office needs at least some private space where employees can work in peace or where small meetings can be held in privacy. These spaces can range from small rooms with a desk and a couple of comfortable chairs to mid-sized spaces that can accommodate a table and a few chairs for a meeting. Office furniture rental is a good way to outfit these spaces because it allows you the flexibility to change your private spaces to meet employee needs without extra investments for replacing existing furniture.


Make sure your whole office environment is comfortable for your staff. What types of things should you be on the lookout for? First, be sure everyone has workspaces that are ergonomically designed. Providing chairs with supportive backs and keeping computers at the right level can make huge differences in how comfortable – and healthy – your employees are.

Then, be sure they have access to everything they need to work. Are there enough electrical outlets for everyone to plug in at meetings? Does the Wi-Fi work throughout your office?

Next, make sure there is enough light and the proper type of light. Natural light is usually best but you also have a variety of options from overhead lighting to desk lamps. Go easy on the fluorescent bulbs, which have a tendency to cause eyestrain after several hours.

Finally, keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Blasting the AC in the summer or keeping the heat way too high or low in the winter can lead to uncomfortable, distracted employees.

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