CORT Global: Renting furniture in South America

When you rent from one of our partners with CORT Global in South America or Central America, you eliminate international shipping costs.

Located on the northern shore of South America, Venezuela is teeming with life. Not only is it one of the most urbanized countries, but it is also home to diverse wildlife. Venezuela’s population and culture are also diverse, with a mix of European, African and Indigenous cultures. From the beaches, to the llanos, or plains and Guiana Highlands, Venezuelans are proud of this rich cultural heritage. If you are planning to arrange for rental furniture in Venezuela, you’ll want to take the country’s varying climate into consideration. Temperatures range from the 80’s along the coastline and averages in the mid 40’s in the Venezuelan Andes. The primary language in Venezuela is Spanish, so you may want to spend time learning the language.

If you need rental furniture in Brazil, you will appreciate the quick response of our partners. In many cases, we can have your home completely furnished before you ever walk in the door, and one of our consultants will be available to provide guidance in the moving process. The largest country in South America and the fifth largest country in the world, Brazil is also the only country whose primary language is Portuguese. Brazil’s natural resources are plentiful and its cultures rich and diverse from region to region. Brazil just celebrated its annual Carnival celebration, a world-famous party that kicks off Lent, the forty says before Easter.

CORT Global also provides rental furniture in Costa Rica, another wonderful place to live. Culturally influenced by Spanish and indigenous heritage, Costa Rican cultural identity reflects this blended heritage. When arriving in Costa Rica, you will soon notice people using the terms Tico and Tica. In Costa Rica, men are called Ticos and women are called Ticas. You may want to brush up on your Spanish, as it is the primary language in Costa Rica.

Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Andes mountain range, Argentina is home to about 32 million people. Through CORT Global, you can arrange for rental furniture in Argentina, or purchase your furniture outright. Either way, we can have your home furnished and ready to go when you walk in the door. Argentinians’ descendants come from all over, including Italy, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Greece. While Spanish is the primary language, German and Italian are often spoken as well. This blend of culture shows up in the cuisine as well, with favorites such as Viennese style factual, chorizo, and Dulce de Leche. Like most South American countries, soccer is by far the favorite sport. People moving to Mexico as well will find CORT Global there as well. With a wide selection of rental furniture in Mexico, it will be easy to find the exact furniture to meet your needs.

No matter where you are planning to move in Central or South America, CORT Global is available to support your move. Happy travels!