CORT Global: Furniture In Japan

Perhaps you’re seeking the adventure of moving to a new country, or your company is relocating you for a temporary or long-term assignment. Whatever the reason, CORT Global is a powerful network that can ease your transition.

Whether you need furniture in Japan, Peru, Norway or in Andorra, CORT will be there. If you’re an employer relocating a team on assignment, for example,  the CORT Global Furniture Rental Network can help your best talent settle into their new assignments quickly and seamlessly with quality furnishings for your apartment home.

Turn to the largest provider of rental furniture,  trusted in over 60 countries worldwide.  CORT Global operates regional service centers, which can coordinate your local needs such as rental of furniture in Japan. Not staying for long? Our flexible lease terms can work for short-term or long-term stays. It’s a valuable alternative to purchasing furniture in Japan if you will only be there for three months or a year.

When you rent furniture in Japan through CORT Global, we go all out to ensure your home away from home is cozy and welcoming. We’ll deliver your furnishings and appliances in a hotel-style service, with beds freshly dressed, towels in racks and kitchenware organized in place. Why deal with the stresses of homemaking when there’s work to be done and exciting new places to explore?  Walk into your newly furnished home or apartment and feel ready to live, taking on that new assignment.

Don’t worry about compromising your personal style when you rent home furniture in Japan. Our wide selection of comfortable furnishings is delivered in a timely manner and set up quickly. Renting is also a cost-effective solution when compared to shipping existing furniture overseas. CORT Global Furniture Rental Network: Wherever you’re heading, we’ll be there!