2018 Facility Management Trends and Insights

CORT Furniture Rental surveyed over 1,000 respondents at the 2018 International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Conference to find out what their greatest challenges are when it comes to creating a productive and accommodating working environment for their employees.

The overwhelming majority of respondents in 2018 were facilities managers–those tasked with ensuring that buildings and their services are able to accommodate the needs of the people that work in them.  While trends have changed slightly from last year’s survey, employee well-being remains of primary concern, while business continuity and profitability have increased in importance since 2017.

Please see the infographic below to discover new trends and insights from this year’s survey, and check out CORT Furniture Rental for ways to help you get the most out of your workspace.

2018 facility management trends and insights infographic