Why You Should Pay Attention to Eco-Friendly Packaging When Choosing Furniture

Recent years have seen more emphasis on the adoption of sustainability initiatives by manufacturers of a variety of different products. That kind of eco-friendly approach can also be seen in the ways consumers are rethinking their furniture choices.

The trend of using reclaimed wood from old buildings, fences, and even other pieces of furniture has given this material a second life, while green furniture options, such as wooden furniture made from sustainably harvested forests and tree farms, are also a popular choice among today’s consumers. Repurposed furniture is also a hit with people hoping to reuse what they have by turning items into new things they need.

In a 2017 study published in the Journal of Mechanical Design, researchers found that people were much more willing to buy a product that emphasized sustainability, and a 2015 Nielsen report disclosed that 45 percent of people around the world were willing to pay more for a product that was environmentally friendly.

These days, the concern for the environment goes beyond the product itself and extends to the way the product is packaged. Eco-friendly packaging that won’t end up in a landfill is almost as important to consumers as production and disposal methods for products.

Earth Friendly Packaging for Furniture

One of the latest trends in consumer products is the use of eco-friendly packaging made from sustainable products, which offers an environmental approach to how the goods are packaged. Instead of wrapping furniture in endless sheets of plastic or securing it with non-biodegradable packaging like Styrofoam, manufacturers are meeting consumers’ sustainability demands by using reusable or biodegradable methods. Choosing to spend your money with companies whose products are sustainable and who also choose to use eco-friendly packaging is a great way to make your opinions known and support these initiatives.

A Second Look at Sustainability

One option for supporting a more sustainable approach to furniture is to rent furniture rather than buy it. Each year, approximately 17 billion pounds of office furniture alone is sent to landfills. When replaced by new furniture, it only continues the cycle; eventually, that furniture will need to be replaced and could also end up in a landfill.

Renting instead of buying contributes to the mindset of sustainability, as some 97 percent of rental furniture is sold at a deep discount when it is no longer offered for rent. That means it has a reuse rate that ranges from two to six times longer than most furniture, which ultimately produces 49 percent fewer greenhouse gases.

Protecting the environment has become an initiative for companies and individuals alike, and choosing to take a more sustainable approach to furniture is one way to reinforce that commitment. From ensuring that companies are disposing of waste and recyclable materials in proper ways to insisting they use eco-friendly packaging and looking for products made from sustainable woods, consumers today have many ways to make sure the companies they support are aligned with their personal values.

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