Try These Top Apps to Help You Sleep

If you’re a busy professional with a full schedule and a calendar of commitments, then you know how difficult it is to function when you don’t get enough sleep. Whether you have an occasional fitful night or you’re struggling with insomnia, an app may be able to help you get your sleep back on track.

Track Your Cycle

Tracking your habits overnight can help you evaluate your sleep patterns, which may be key information when it comes to improving your shuteye. One of the most useful elements of a sleep-tracking app is the ability to set your alarm within a time range to wake you up when you’ll be the least groggy. Look for cycle-tracking apps to help you sleep like Sleep Cycle, Pillow, or Sleep Time.

Turn Up the Volume

Although absolute silence might be a perfect scenario for sleep, it’s not a very realistic one. To avoid waking up at every creak and groan of your house, traffic outside your window, or noisy neighbors, turn to a gentle sounds or white noise app. A calming background noise can help you filter out disruptive sounds that pull you out of sleep or make it hard to fall asleep in the first place. Try an app like White Noise, Sleepo, Noisli, Nature Sounds Relax, and Sleep.

Find Your Zen

One of the best ways to beat insomnia or other sleep issues actually happens during daylight hours. Studies show that a daily meditation practice is a key tool for more restful nights. In addition to meditation, a guided sleep tour, which uses a calming voice-over to help you fall asleep or stay asleep, might also be worth exploring. Consider creating a calm space in your home to get the most out of meditation. Check out apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, Sleep Well Hypnosis, or Pzizz.

Apps aren’t the only tool for improving your sleep. The right mattress, frame, and bedding can also play a significant role in the kind of rest you’re getting. Help combat exhaustion by exploring bedroom furniture solutions from CORT Furniture Rental.

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