Tips for Moving Your Electronics

home furniture rentalAs National Moving Month draws to a close, we at CORT Home Furniture Rental want to share some practical tips for moving your electronics.  When transporting your PC, home theatre, and other electronics from home to home, you might be nervous about making sure everything goes smoothly.  After all, there’s nothing like arriving at your new home with a cracked flat screen to put a damper on the moving process. 

Check out the tips below, so whether you are shipping your electronics yourself or opting for home furniture rental, you’ll end up with a successful move and all of your electronics intact and ready to use.

Moving Electronics Yourself

While packing and transporting your electronics yourself does mean you have total control over what happens to them in transit, it also means you have to be careful to handle them correctly so they make it through the move in one piece.  First, draw a diagram or take a picture of the wiring of your electronics so you know how to reconnect them when you reach your new home.  Bundle those cables and wires together so the configuration is easier to put back together once you move.  Next, be sure to pack sets of electronics together.  Moving all your household goods means that plenty can get lost in the shuffle, and electronics are no exception.  Keep remotes with their appropriate DVD players, speakers with TVs, etc.  Secure all loose parts with masking tape, which will later come off easily, but will hold small moving parts down during the trip.  Then, pack all electronics carefully by wrapping them in padding and adding cardboard spacers, making sure to minimize stress on any delicate parts.  Finally, label all boxes clearly.

Through a Moving Company

If you decide to move your electronics through a moving company, you may want to take measures to ensure that your electronics make it from point A to point B safely.  For example, many moving companies will have extra protection you can purchase to cover any damage that might (unfortunately) occur during transit.  Many companies also have the option of home electronics set up, meaning that upon arrival, movers will help you set up your computer equipment and/or home theatre electronics in your new home.  Consider this option if you are strapped for time or are concerned you won’t be able to get everything organized on your own.

Electronics via Home Furniture Rental

To avoid altogether the hassle of moving your electronics from one home to the next, consider home furniture rental instead.  With home furniture rental, all you have to do is pick out the electronics you want for the lease term you need (which could be as little as one month to more than a year).  With home furniture rental, you don’t have to worry about packing and shipping your electronics, meaning you won’t have to worry about what condition they’ll be in when they arrive, how much it will cost to move them, and whether or not to try and move them yourself.  Home furniture rental can take care of phones, TVs, DVD players, stereo systems, and more.

More Moving Tips from CORT Home Furniture Rental

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