Tips for Home Sellers: How to Generate Curb Appeal

furniture blogEstablishing curb appeal is an important part of the home staging process. After all, if a potential homebuyer isn’t impressed with the outside, it’s unlikely that they’re going to bother exploring the inside.


Remove Clutter

If your neighborhood is filled with kids, a bike in the yard may not be a deal breaker; however, generally speaking, you do not want your front yard and porch area filled with personal belongings. Moving can be a great opportunity to downsize, but if you don’t want to part with your bulky items; an online self-storage finder can help you locate an offsite storage locker.

The Front Door

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior can really go a long way, but if you don’t have the time or resources to paint the entire house, you should still apply a fresh layer to the front door. In many ways, the front door is the focal point of the home, so it’s important that it looks as inviting as possible. Consider replacing that old doorknob with a new door handle – perhaps something a bit more aesthetically appealing than a basic knob. Also, a wreath on the door looks great, especially in winter, and a flower pot on both sides of the front door is another nice touch.

In addition to flanking your entranceway with flower pots, be sure to update all light fixtures and thoroughly clean all windows.

Driveway Issues

A car in the driveway can be a distraction, especially when you are putting pictures of your home on the internet. If you don’t have money budgeted for a new mailbox, at the very least you should repaint your existing mailbox and add a fresh set of numbers.

Strive for Objectivity

When preparing your home for a sale, it’s important to put yourself in the potential homebuyers’ shoes. This can be a rather challenging exercise, as we often become too emotionally close to our homes to remain objective; so it helps to get a second opinion, especially when you’re staging the outside of your home. Try having a friend park their car where a potential homebuyer would park, and then walk up to the house with a discerning eye.


John Donegan is a writer at SpareFoot, the online marketplace where you can find and reserve a self-storage unit with comparison shopping tools that show real-time availability and exclusive deals. John lives in Austin, TX and occasionally directs videos for rap artists.