Tips for Helping Your Dog Adjust After a Move

Moving is stressful for humans, and it can be equally traumatic for dogs. After a move, some dogs develop separation anxiety, which can lead to undesirable behaviors like excessive chewing and indoor accidents. If you’re noticing dog anxiety after moving to a new home, you can help your pet adjust with these tips.

Offer Familiarity

As soon as you can, set up your dog’s crate, bed, chew toys, and other items in their new spot in your home. Make sure you don’t clean any of these items before you move. Although it’s tempting to scrub everything down as you’re moving it, you want your dog’s favorite things to retain the familiar scent of your old home, which is comforting and familiar.

Stick to Your Routines

Moving means a lot of changes, so it helps to try and stick to as many of your old routines as you can. For example, if you’ve always taken your pup for a walk first thing in the morning, keep doing so. Staying on schedule for your dog’s normal feedings, walks, exercise, and outside time offers a level of familiarity that is important during an otherwise chaotic time.


Don’t Overwhelm

You might be eager to explore your new neighborhood with your pup, but doing too much too soon can cause your dog to become overwhelmed. At first, keep walks short so your dog can adjust slowly. Also, make a point to meet the neighbors with your dog, so he can get a sense of the people who live in your area.

Keep Your Calm

Dogs are keenly tuned into the emotions of their humans, which means if you’re super-stressed about the move, your dog will be too. Do your best to hide any anxiety you might have about moving when you’re around your dog. If you know moving day will be especially chaotic, then consider boarding him with a friend or family member until the most stressful part of the process is over.

Stay Patient

It will take some time and adjusting before your dog is fully acclimated to his new home, so remember to be patient during this time. If several weeks go by and your dog is still exhibiting signs of anxiety and depression, consider seeking help from a veterinarian or pet behaviorist.

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