The Ins and Outs of Furniture Rental from CORT

Written by: Nick Scaringelli

College is a lot of work, that much is a given. You spend your first year getting comfortable in a dorm room, learning how to live away from your parents, building routines, forming healthy habits, and the list goes on and on.

When freshman year comes to a close, the relief you feel at turning in your last final and packing up your dorm is indescribable, but then comes the hard part. Where you live from sophomore to senior year is a big decision. Some questions that may cross your mind are:

  • Do you stay in on-campus housing, or do you move off?
  • Do you favor the freedom of living in non-student-specific apartments?
  • Are you daunted by the idea of filling a new place with furniture?

Luckily, that’s where CORT comes in. We’ve been providing high-quality furniture through sustainable practices for almost 50 years. We are the country’s largest furniture rental provider, with over 156 showrooms nationwide. 

What You Need to Know about Furniture Rental

So, how does furniture rental work? Or, more specifically, how does renting furniture from CORT work? It all starts with where and when. All you have to do is go to CORT’s website and enter your ZIP code, then tell us how long you’re going to need the furniture (and just as a bonus, the longer your lease is, the better your price will be!). After that comes the fun part.

You browse CORT’s impressive selection of furniture to find pieces that speak to you. Or, if you’re unsure what you want your place to look like, you can choose our Move-In Ready package for students. That way, our team of designers can build you a set of furniture that fits all of your needs, while matching your style and budget. 

Checking out is easy. You create an account, sign your lease, and pay your first month’s rent. There’s even the option to set up autopay; so just like you don’t have to worry about your monthly subscription fee for your music streaming or razor or toothbrush heads, you can also free your mind from worrying about your furniture payments. You’ll also be able to schedule your delivery date.

If you want to get everything squared away in July for your move-in in August, we can do that for you. Then, while everyone else is struggling to carry their sofas upstairs, you’ll be relaxing as our experienced delivery team sets everything up for you.

The Ins and Outs of Delivery and Pick Up

We take care of you from start to finish. When your lease is up, you have the option to renew it on a month-to-month basis (with no increase in fees!), or schedule a pickup. We’ll come at the best time for you and get everything out of your way. Then, you can choose to rent new furniture with us, or even buy from one of our furniture outlets.


Furnishing an apartment, especially your first one, is a daunting task. That’s why our mission is to make it all as easy as possible for you. Renting a student package from CORT ensures that you’re covered, and ready for everything the year has to throw at you. And if you find that you like renting furniture, and want to try new combinations of pieces every year, you can take us with you after graduation, to wherever your life may take you.