The ABC’s Of Home Staging

home stagingWe’ve alphabetically compiled a list of some of the best home staging tips from our furniture blog! Do you practice the ABC’s of home staging?

A – Assess the home’s age and what potential buyers it will attract before deciding on a theme
B – Begin with a general plan and stick to it
C – Create a focal point for each room
D – Draw a map on graph paper to help illustrate and layout your placement.
E – Eliminate clutter
F – Fresh air and light fragrances set the mood
G – Gussy up old furniture and fixtures with new accessories (pillows, throw blankets, etc)
H – Hide personal items or accolades of current home dwellers
I – Incorporate natural elements that bring the space to life (plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables)
J – Juxtapose neutral tones with a splash of vibrant color for dimension
K – Keep the rooms well lit
L – Lead animals away from home staged areas
M – Minimalism is a key home staging design approach
N – Neutral, painted walls and wallpaper create a palatable canvas for staged furnishings
O – Orient the room using Feng Shui
P – Pair patterns with solid colors
Q – Quell the desire to get too creative and elaborate with your home staging efforts
R – Rent furniture to fill out a room
S – Stay on budget
T – Tend the garden and landscaping near home entry points
U – Use mirrors to create the illusion of more space
V – Vary the theme and accessories of each room (at least slightly) to frame each home staged space
W – Worry less about the details and more about the big picture
X – Examine the entryway and make it as open and flowing as possible
Y – Yearn for a finished room that can be taken in at a glance
Z – Zero in on shinning attributes of the home and make them stand out

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